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September 15-17, 2022 Featured Speaker - Founders and Funders of Color "Bringing Culture to Currency" Atlanta, Georgia

Founders and Funders of Color is a 501C3 Charitable Nonprofit Foundation aiming to close the resource gap for diverse entrepreneurs including increasing opportunities for women and minority entrepreneurs to obtain venture capital for their startup businesses.

The Foundation is creating a new breed of entrepreneur and investor role models for the next generation via community building through the Foundation’s education, mentorship, media shaping, and resource building.

The Foundation is building the best brand for removing barriers currently impacting diverse entrepreneurs looking for access to capital from private funds. Our number one goal is to create the most comprehensive research to date on Black and Brown Founders.

Founders and Funders of Color - Deck

September 12, 2022 Keynote Speech: "The Power of Digital Ecosystems" at the Future of Impact Summit 2022

"The Power of Digital Ecosystems" Keynote at the Future of Impact Summit 2022.


The Future of Impact Summit 2022, co-hosted with our sister venture XOCO, brings together impact-driven entrepreneurs, investors, digital leaders and ecosystem players to connect, learn and inspire action towards an equitable, inclusive and sustainable future on the journey to the SDGs 2030.

August 18, 2022 Nasdaq Faces of Entrepreneurship

Check out the feature of Data 360's CIO and Co-Founder, Marie Smith in the Faces of Entrepreneurship series by Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center.

View more about the series and read the article below.


Twice a month (or more!) the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center profiles inspiring entrepreneurs and founders in our "Faces of Entrepreneurship" series. We ask these founders about their unique perspectives on entrepreneurship, their darkest moments, how they view success, and, lately, how their businesses have changed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the Faces of Entrepreneurship article about Marie and some of the history of Data 360 on the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center website.

To learn more about Data 360's partnership with Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, view additional information on the Data 360 Network website.

August 16, 2022 [ValleyML] Marie Smith- The Power of Big Data and AI to Create Predictive User Profiles

ValleyML Expo August 16 4:30 to 5 pm pacific time, CxO Insights, Talk by Marie Smith, CIO and Co-Founder, Data 360

Title: The Power of Big Data and AI to Create Predictive Transactional Profiles

The Power of Big Data and AI to Create Predictive Transactional Profiles

As we all know, the world is becoming increasingly digitized. Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. This data comes from everywhere: social media, sensors, purchase histories, and more. And it's only going to continue to grow.

What can we do with all this data?

We can use AI systems to create wildly new predictive possibilities for business, industries and economies. Join this session to learn about unique uses of big data and AI that can revolutionize how you do business.


ValleyML presents a unique combination of AI Technology, researchers, industry elites and prospective clients in one single iconic event. It’s the ideal platform for innovative engineers, marketing veterans, business leaders, decision makers, media analysts and investors looking to generate buzz and network.

Speakers include professionals from IBM, Intel, Cisco, Google and others. Conference Advisory Board includes professionals from IBM, Google, AMD, AWS and others.

May - August 2022 Hip Hop Hackathon

Hip Hop Hackathon is an events series and STEM competition and hackathon that took place from February 2022 to August 2022 supported by a consortium of a dozen speakers, nearly 500 professionals from Google, Microsoft, Snap, SAP and many other companies and a network of 3 million users.

Hip Hop Hackathon Overview Final 08302022

April 7, 2022 Alumni Events The University of
Chicago Booth School of Business

Alumni Events The University of Chicago Booth School of Business: "Building High Value and Effective Relationships Using Big Data " Big Data and Analytics Roundtable

About this event

Relationships are complex, and so is the data space. The major technology companies and corporations use advanced machine learning and big data to understand the meaning, likelihood of a transaction, predict future behavior as well as influence decision making. It's said that "Relationships are the new currency of business.

We're in an era where machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques are being used to help companies build more effective relationships with their customers. We'll explore on how one can use big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to develop more customer-focused marketing strategies.

Speaker Profiles

Marie Smith (Speaker)

CIO and Co-Founder, Data 360

Marie is a prolific leader, advisor, coach and mentor who works and advocates locally, regionally and nationally for digital and technology literacy, closing the economic gap using technology and ethical, equitable and explainable AI. See more of her work at and her long bio at

Marie has been a speaker/presenter, lectured at and produced curriculum for over 10,000 elementary, middle, high school, college students and workers online and in-person about coding, career development, corporate data analysis, data science and technology development with Harvard Innovation Lab, the University of Southern California, University of California Berkeley, Los Angeles Trade Tech College, California State University Dominguez Hills, conferences and corporations throughout the United States and Europe.

Google Developer Group Los Angeles International Women's Day 1 and 2

March 28 and 31, 2022

We are featuring two speakers:

Featured speaker: Christian Peverelli, Co-Founder WeAreNoCode

Christian is a serial entrepreneur and digital strategist with over 12 years experience building startups, running accelerators and consulting for fortune 500 companies and celebrities. As a trainer, he served as the co-director of a startup program that has helped over 100 startups go on to raise over 40M in funding and get into accelerators like Techstars, YCombinator and 500 Startups. He is also a specialist in no-code and workflow automation as the cofounder of of tacos, travel and the great outdoors.

Keynote speaker: Anne Cocquyt, Founder and CEO Let's Guild

Anne is a serial entrepreneur, investor and former corporate innovator with a passion for helping people discover their innovation mindset and launch their dream ventures.

After a career in the corporate world of IT (UK), finance (Switzerland) and digital health (US), she developed and sold startups in consumer products, pet tech, and eventually founded the GUILD ( in San Francisco.

The GUILD is a global community of 20k female entrepreneurs who connect and learn together. Anne pioneered a best-in-class entrepreneurship program for female founders to launch their businesses and raise funding (

​She now lives in Oregon on a blueberry farm with her husband and son and enjoys the great outdoors and kitesurfing.

Featured speaker: Jessica Espinoza, Co-chair, Co-founder and CEO, 2XCollaborative (Remote Taped Speech and Presentation)

Jessica Espinoza is CEO of the 2X Collaborative, a global industry for gender lens investing convening the entire spectrum of capital providers. She is also Chair of the 2X Challenge that has raised more than US$ 11 billion of gender lens investments since its launch at the G7 Summit in 2018. Jessica has a track record in originating, structuring and executing debt, mezzanine and equity deals in emerging and frontier markets with a strong focus on inclusive innovation. The latest innovation she is spearheading with 2X colleagues is 2X Ignite, a bold facility to unlock capital for gender-smart business at scale by backing female-led fund managers.

Jessica serves on the Board of Directors of AlphaMundi Foundation and of the Mexican financial institution Mega, and previously served on the Advisory Board of several private equity funds. As a mentor for Endeavor, she supports high impact companies as they scale up. Jessica is the Founder of XOCO, an inclusive edtech venture and a fellow at Columbia eLab. Jessica was selected for the Leaders Europe 2022 program of the Obama Foundation and awarded the Digital Female Leadership Award of Global Digital Women 2019.

Featured Entrepreneurs

The following entrepreneurs submitted their pitches to take part in our IWD pitch competition:

Tyeast Quick, Founder and SheO, The Brown Girl Paper Company

Tyeast Quick is the Founder and SheEO of The Brown Girl Paper Company. She describes her entrepreneur journey and business as follows:

Like many others, the pandemic was a time to take a deep look at my life. I realized it was time to truly go after the dreams that God had placed in my heart. So I worked on myself and started moving toward my dreams and goals like never before. After focusing on growing my faith and improving my mindset, The Brown Girl Paper Company was born!

As a longtime lover of quality stationery, the lack of representation always resonated with me. So I sought to change what I felt was missing in the industry by adding more voices and choices to the world of stationery.

I like to say that the Brown Girl Paper Company offers “stationery for the culture.” I create products that not only honor all things that celebrate Black women, Black Joy and Black Love but also feature uplifting affirmations and cultural humor. As a proud HBCU alum, I aim to make customizable products that speak to the positivity, diversity, and complexity of Black culture.

Sydney Davis, Founder & Operations Lead, NixCode

Sydney is the Founder of NixCode, a no code app development software company. She is dedicated to supporting non-technical entrepreneurs, helping them launch their first successful mobile app. Since launching in April 2020, her platform supports 56,000 users and received a $3.3M valuation at 2020 year end. Like many entrepreneurs she has bootstrapped her entrepreneurship from the beginning including winning numerous equity free pitch competitions totaling over $100,000. To date, Sydney has been recognized as one of 30 Influential Women Advancing AI and a Forbes Next 1000 Entrepreneur Honoree.



International Women’s Day (IWD) occurs on March 8 every year. It marks a moment to celebrate and provide visibility for the incredible contributions of women around the world and is a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

This year, Google Developer Group Cloud Los Angeles, will hold its celebration on March 28, 2022 and March 31, 2022, where we will invite women and allies around the planet to celebrate!

Join us for an afternoon of speakers, pitch competition from 3 pm to 6 pm on both days.

Attendees will be eligible for:

  • A free no code / low code 8 week course

  • A free no code / low code toolkit

  • Up to $100K worth of software credits, grants and discounts

  • Free 30 minute review for seed through series A funding

Featuring the following speakers:

Mega Desai Dew Health Founder/CEO

Mega is a regulatory attorney at a Big 4 firm, with prior experience at government agencies and private law firms.

Mega will be pitching her startup Dew Health, a health tech platform for patients with skin of color.

Rashima Sonson SONSON Founder/Creative Director

Rashima will be speaking on "Triumphs And Impediments Of Owning and Running Your Own Business".

Rashima Sonson is an Afro-Caribbean woman from St. Croix, U.S.V.I! She graduated from Louisiana State University A&M with a B.Sc. in Apparel Engineering, has a Master’s in Business Administration and is Six Sigma Green Belt certified. She has work in various supply chain roles in the textile and fashion industry such as sourcing, importing, merchandising to quality management. She is the founder and Creative Director of her eponymous brand SONSON. SONSON was created in 2014 during the audacious search for a first-time father’s gift for one of her 7 brothers. Her accessory designs are inspired by cultural celebrations, art, and personas. From high-quality ties made with Swarovski stones to Ankara fabric, she distills sensibilities of fashion and manifest them in vivid presentations to redefine the traditional bow tie. The brand is an accessory gifting destination with a mission to building relationships through fashion.

Erin Magennis Erin Magennis Consulting Founder

Erin Magennis, an NFT & Web 3 consultant, has a background as a neuroscientist, yogi, mindset coach turned developer with experience building as a serial entrepreneur at the intersection of community, technology, and possibility to enhance our human experience. Recent endeavors include co-founding an AR (augmented reality) NFT platform and an NFT appraisal protocol, in addition to being recognized as one of 25 Rising Tech Leaders to Watch and Top 100 Innovators Worldwide.

Erin will be speaking about the following:

  • Embrace Your Power & Innovate: Lessons from NFTs, Neuroscience, and Business --- We are often more powerful than we could ever imagine both individually and in our businesses. Join this session to explore actionable examples and evidence-based practices to upgrade your system mentally, technologically, and strategically. Expand beyond your current reality to achieve the success you desire.

Krystal Scott, Founder & CEO, The Well (Remote Taped Interview)

As the Founder & CEO of The Well, a social network and global community for ambitious and professional Black women, she creates space for Black women across industry to look out for each other, support each other and keep each other accountable as we advance in the workplace.

Krystal is an expert in bringing people together in community while leveraging individuals' gifts and talents to accomplish a shared goal. And she believes that community is the key to thriving physically, emotionally and spiritually.

She is also a firm believer that labor and health are inextricably linked. Krystal believes everyone should enjoy purpose-driven work that makes them feel fulfilled, mentally healthy and accomplished, and she believes in using her privilege to create access and opportunity for disenfranchised communities of workers.


International Women’s Day (IWD) occurs on March 8 every year. It marks a moment to celebrate and provide visibility for the incredible contributions of women around the world and is a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

This year, Google Developer Group Cloud Los Angeles, will hold its celebration on March 28, 2022 and March 31, 2022, where we will invite women and allies around the planet to celebrate!

Join us for an afternoon of speakers, pitch competition from 3 pm to 6 pm on both days.

March 23, 2022 Data 4 Good - How Data Impacts My Life: Gender & Data

About this event

Data is essential in today’s world. From healthcare to public policy, we rely on data to make critical decisions and allocate resources. At the same time, failing to account for gender within data collection can mean our systems are being built with bias and discrimination. Women and non-binary people may often pay the costs for this bias — in time, money, and even with their lives.

This gender data gap reveals systemic societal issues that need to be addressed, such as the gender pay gap, women’s unpaid labor, women’s poverty, digital inequality, and the digital gender divide.

In this session, we’ll shine a light on the consequences the gender data gap has on our lives, look at what is being done to address this, and come away with concrete steps, action items, recommendations, and resources.

Specifically, we’ll focus on:

  • What is the state of the gender data gap and why does it matter?

  • How can the absence of adequate data impede progress in creating informed and effective policies?

  • What can we, as a community of data policymakers and practitioners, do to improve the situation?


In honor of Women's History Month and International Women's Day, we'll also hear from our speakers on fighting gender bias, women in tech, and more!



  • Dawn Comer — Director of Technology Inclusion, City of Los Angeles

March 21 - April 2, 2022 Sports and STEM program - Hip Hop Hackathon

These events will dive into the harmonies between sports and stem that can be leveraged as a way to thrive in tech fields.

About this event

Events throughout the two-week period from March 21- April 1. 

Day 1 Live Event 3/21 - Sports and Tech (Taped session to debut during the week on YouTube)

Moshe Lebowitz is a digital health startup with an AI-driven behavioral health coach and wearable digital therapeutic electroceutical device that docks with smart textiles for the home-based and remote treatment of sports injuries, chronic illness & chronic pain.

Day 2 3/22 - Data and Sports (Taped session to debut during the week on YouTube)

Murali Bhogavalli

Wave Sports + Entertainment is a world-class sports and entertainment company that entertains modern day fans through content, products, and experiences.

Through a portfolio of over 30 media brands, original content, talent, and a suite of products and services, WSE reaches more than 500M Gen Z and Millennial sports fans on a monthly basis. Our core content is consistently ranked as the most highly engaged across Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube where over 100 million followers engage with our brands.

Day 3 3/24 - Live Session

Naomi Nunis

  • Graduate Student, University of the Pacific

  • Health & Sports Tech Specialist

  • Live Interview

  • Thursday, March 24 1:30 PM PST

  • The Future of Health, Sports, and Tech

  • @UOPacific


Exploring the components of Data Analytics within Sports, Health, and Exercise Science to be efficiently applied in everyday life.

Alysse Soll

WIST drives growth opportunities for women in the sports tech industry and is the leading organization to bring together companies, their executives, young professionals, and students who share a passion for innovative technologies that impact success throughout the business of sport. WIST drives growth opportunities for women in the sports tech industry and is the leading organization to bring together companies, their executives, young professionals, and students who share a passion for innovative technologies that impact success throughout the business of sport.

Day 4 3/31 - Data and Sports (Taped session to debut during the week on YouTube)

Garrett Klugh

Gary provides startups and founders in the sports tech industry with end-to-end solutions and project management for early-stage start-ups to include strategy, business development, operations, financial/price modeling, and product development.

• Adding meaningful value to early-stage tech start-ups in social innovation, IoT, ridesharing, biotech, construction, AR and real estate industries.

• Assisted client from idea stage to completion of top globally known accelerator resulting in enterprise sales.

• Developed a technology transference model by conducting in-depth market analysis, generating over 50 leads for a proposed transference council, and providing specific recommendations and strategic direction to an anti-doping research collaborative.

Day 5 4/1 - Live Session

Nate Thompson

HTX Sports Tech is a consultancy advising esports & sports organizations and emerging startups in the sports tech ecosystem.

We collaboratively work with companies, world-class academic institutions, and community partners to drive innovation and enhance the future of sports tech. Establishing Houston as a leading capital for innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship in the esports and sports technology ecosystem.

Christina Reddick

  • CEO, Dominative

  • Live Panel

  • Friday, April 1 12:00 PM PST

  • Mindset, Foresight and Connecting

DomiNative brings together founders with expertise in fitness, wellness and competition to displace the way events are run today. Their vision to connect coaches and participants, and lower the cost to create successful events is exactly where things are heading. It's the blend of vision and team that gets me most excited about them.

Juan Juan

Fanalyze is a fantasy sports company that provides a solution where fantasy players can save time by consolidating all their fantasy teams in one platform while offering a fast way to analyze and track players. Fanalyze has developed an innovative way to personalize and streamline your fantasy sports analysis using our special algorithm.

About the Hip Hop Hackathon Sports and STEM events series

Stem and sports are becoming the two most popular activities in the world. This week's events will dive into the harmonies between sports and stem that can be leveraged to thrive in tech fields.

STEM is a modern way of life that has been proven to be more beneficial and practical than our old education systems. Both stem and sports have a lot of competition and take up a lot of time. As more people are becoming interested in sports and the STEM fields, there are a growing number of opportunities to find careers that combine both. These industries have always been linked, but they’ve never been more linked than right now.

Hip Hop Hackathon launches a season of events between Black History Month and Juneteenth 2022 that bring together innovators and creatives to develop technology solutions to real-world problems. The events are aimed at providing the underrepresented, especially Blacks and Latinos, and all undervalued groups with the opportunity to develop their skills in the STEM fields and gain exposure to employment opportunities in STEM.

Hip Hop Hackathon is a community of creators, makers, and changemakers who have the power to craft the future of technology and culture by leveraging their unique talents to build solutions that address real-world problems. We know that our movement is not limited to the three pillars of rap, dance, and technology. We are artists and creators from all walks of life who have the potential to combine their expertise across a variety of disciplines to empower the culture.

The free events will celebrate the rich contributions of people of color, Blacks, and specifically, Black Women in STEM, to the computer industry, and encourage the next generation to explore STEM careers.

Learn more on the Hip Hop Hackathon website.

October 13, 2021 3 Ways to Build Profitable Relationships Using AI and Big Data

ValleyML Conference 2021: 3 Ways to Build Profitable Relationships Using AI and Big Data

With the advancement of artificial intelligence in business, it’s no surprise that in the coming years, many industries will morph. Technology will play a critical role in how customers work with brands to purchase goods and services. If all customers can do is interact with machines, how will businesses thrive in the long run? The truth is that AI will be used for more than just automating your tasks, but also to help you create better relationships with your whole community.

The value of relationships is undeniable. They are the bedrock of every business across the globe, and for this reason, they’re hugely important to take care of. There are two types of relationships that every business owner should focus on: internal and external. The former concerns your employees, while the latter concerns your external whole ecosystem.

See this presentation and learn more on the ValleyML conference.

Marie Smith Data 360 ValleyML Session Agenda

ValleyML Full Agenda and Registration

Valley ML Marie Data 360- 3 Ways to Build Profitable Relationships Using AI and Big Data 10072021

September 29, 2021 Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center "How to use Social Media for Sales Without Spending a Bunch of Money"

About this event

In the early days of social marketing, there was little competition for the dollar. Today, there is tons. You can spend thousands of dollars on a Facebook ad campaign, for example, and get no return on your investment. Just like competing for space in the newspaper years ago, you are not competing for eyes on social media. And since social media by its very nature is a "short attention span" media, it is 10 times harder to get their attention than it was with a newspaper ad. The ad headlines and copy are harder to write on Twitter or Instagram than in print.
Having an account with social media does not make you "into" social media any more than owning golf clubs makes you ready for the PGA tour. In fact, social media users are turned off by the business who opens accounts and does not engage and therefore becomes labeled as a pretender. The truth is, it is better to not have a social media icon on your website if you are not going to actively engage it.Learn all the aspects of turning your social media account into a tool that engages your audience and produces customers ready to buy your products or services.We'll cover:
  • What are the best tools for using social media for sales
  • What types of sales are best for what type of social media platforms
  • How to create the best strategic roadmap for social media
View the original announcement on Eventbrite.

June 11 - August 21, 2021 Google Developer Group Cloud Los Angeles App Camp Android Study Jams

Learn the basics of building Android apps and develop a collection of simple apps to start your journey as an app builder!

"What's Sales Got to Do with It?" Data 360 Google I/O Extended LA

Essentials of UX Design, Data 360 Google I/O Extended LA

Low-Code and No-Code Basics with Christian Peverelli of WeAreNoCode

See more about the App Camp Android Study Jams event on the Google Developer Group Cloud Los Angeles website.

Latinas: From The Block To The Boardroom

Episode 22: Social Justice AI Data Distribution From Marie Smith CIO and... June 28, 2021

How does an Afro-Latina who went to USC film school create the most social justice AI data platform for small black and brown businesses? Marie had vision, determination and resilience! Marie Smith CIO and CoFounder of brings us the realities of coming from the Mid-West to USC film school knowing she's on her own team.

By building her technology arsenal early on from the mid 90's, as a founding contributor to 50 tech and wellness companies, she was shaken to her purpose by Silicon Valley. Now partners with the largest tech companies fueling her platform, she is doubling down on AI for community. The long game is what wins and she has her eye on the prize. Time to level up for 2022 and plug into the change! Extra special thanks to Robert Lopez, Mixed By Crates Studios, for taking Latinasb2b to the next level. Gracias Mi Gente.

New Webinar! June 17, 2021 for IFundWomen
Learning the ins and outs of customer acquisition


If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably wondered about the secret to customer acquisition. Getting more customers is important, but it can also be frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, there are some time-tested best practices that can help you. In this webinar, Marie will explain how to acquire customers using the internet, social media, and a wide variety of other channels. You'll walk away with an easy 5 step process to building up your customer base organically that you can start right away!

The 5 steps you will learn are:

1. Finding the right type of acquisition

2. Provide a need to have, not a nice to have

3. Knowing your super power

4. Build out social proof

5. Go to the best acquisition channel (aka where your audience hangs out)

Hi Marie,

Thank you so much for registering for our IFundWomen of Color Member-led Workshop with Marie Smith of Data 360 all about customer acquisition!

We loved all the gems that Marie shared about acquiring new clients or customers and some best practices for outreach.

ICYMI, Check Out The Links Below:

  • Check out the replay here.

  • Review the presentation deck here.

  • Support Data 360 and purchase a ticket to their App Camp for only $35 ($798 value).

  • Fund their crowdfunding campaign on IFundWomen!

  • Join Data 360 Slack Channel and ask questions about how to build an app by clicking here.

  • Follow Data 360 on social media! They are on Youtube and Instagram.

  • To learn more about Data 360, click here.

Hyperledger Juneteenth Panel June 17, 2021

Leaders in Data Science Society for Scientific Advancement May 27, 2021

Data science is one of the fastest-growing professions out there. Want to learn more? Come and listen to experts in the field describe their career journey! Learn how to get started in a data science career.

Starring Marie Smith, Louvere Walker-Hannon and Joshua Starmer PhD for a Leaders in Data Science panel!

This was a event for the Society for Scientific Advancement.

SOSA was started in 2011 by young scientists with a mission to contribute to the growth of developing nations in the Caribbean by promoting advances in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM). One central goal is to participate in improving the STEM output of developing countries to support their growth as formidable research communities. With a long history of community service and a passion for developing the talents of the next generation, the founding partners were motivated to find like-minded individuals with varied skill sets. Having generated an large volunteer network, we have since expanded to serve historically underrepresented and underserved groups in STEM.

Google Women Techmakers Ambassador Profile May 26, 2021
(Accepted March 3, 2021)

Google’s Women Techmakers program provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology. Since 2014, every year, we bring together thousands of women in technology through our events and leadership programs. See Marie's page on the Google Women Techmakers site.

April 20, 2021 Converge Conference with

Marie, CIO and Co-Founder Data 360 was featured with speakers from Twilio, Google Cloud, AT&T, VC Include, Paypal, Microsoft, DocuSign, Accenture, Citi Ventures and more at #Converge2021! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your skills, gain industry insights, or listen to experiences from renowned peers and thought leaders, there’s something for everyone at Converge.

Converge is about experience, resilience, inclusion, and acceleration in the digital space.

Register to watch the replay of the exciting 2-day virtual event to network with peers and tune into the latest digital trends with those that are shaking up the industry!

Marie's Panel, Day 1 April 20, 11:30 am


Panel Moderated by: Jonathan Lipps (Author, AppiumPro and Director of Learning, HeadSpin)

April 13, 2021 JPMorgan Corporate Communications Featured Business

March 30, 2021 Data 4 Good - How Data Impacts My Life: Data Privacy and Ethics

How do we protect data privacy and avoid developing algorithms of oppression, while reaping benefits to individuals and society as a whole?

About this Event

As our smart devices remind us to exercise, gamify our energy savings, and turn the lights on when we get home, we’ve been privileged with tools that extend our knowledge and enhance our well-being.

This large-scale collection of data can yield valuable insights that can save lives, provide new avenues for scientific discovery, and address a number of other difficult societal challenges — sometimes at the cost of our own privacy and personal information.

In an age where we “TOS;DR” (terms of service, didn’t read), clicking the “accept” button often gives companies carte blanche to use your private data, and it’s frequently impossible to know where your data will go.

In this session, we’ll hear from experts on the topic of data privacy, data ethics, and data justice — and how it impacts your life (and those around you).

Specifically, we’ll focus on:

  • How our personal data, online presence, and digital fingerprints impact our lives — and what we can do about it.

  • The ethical challenges in the modern practice of data science, including data privacy, personalization and targeting algorithms, and online experimentation.

  • How we can balance innovation and regulation, move from compliance-driven to ethics-driven, and what it will take to design socio-technical systems that actually work (for us!).


  • Rachel Whaley — Technical Lead, LA Tech4Good

  • Van West — CEO/Co-founder, Vocalytics

  • Moderator

  • Marie Smith — Chief Information Officer, Data360

March 26, 2021 IDEAs Festival with AI LA

IDEAS: Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Allyship in STEAM

March 26th, 2021

An amalgamation of pandemic-reactiveness and diversity discussions pushed individuals and organizations to rethink how they live and work. Join leaders in the space to explore topics such as the impact and importance of inclusivity, diversity, equity, and allyship in teams and in efforts to create a responsible and representative AI.

3:10pm: Panel [MAIN STAGE]

The dual challenge of addressing areas of inequity within AI and building equitable teams to get us there.

Moderator: Shibani Rai, California Ambassador She Loves Data.


X. Eyeé, Product Manager at Google

James Faghmous, Director of AI at Beauty for All Industries (BFAI)

Marie Smith, CIO and Co-Founder Data 360

March 18 and 19, 2021 Women in Big Data International Women's Day Global Campaign

Google Developers Group Cloud Los Angeles International Women's Day Celebration Day 1

Google Developers Group Cloud Los Angeles International Women's Day Celebration Day 2

International Women’s Day (IWD) occurs on March 8th every year. It marks a moment to celebrate and provide visibility for the incredible contributions of women around the world and is a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

For the past 9 years Women Techmakers has celebrated IWD throughout the months of March and April. In 2020, in spite of a global pandemic and quick pivot to virtual, WTM Ambassadors reached over 80,000 worldwide through our IWD campaign #TogetherWeRise​.

See more about the event with all of the participants and highlights on the Google Developer Group Cloud Los Angeles website.

Learn more about the participants and event details on LinkedIn.

March 10, 2021 Women in Big Data - Neurodiversity Part 2

Marie CIO and Co-Founder of Data 360 discuss the implications of accounting for neurodiversity in new software systems that facilitate education, employment, entrepreneurship and more.

Maureen Dunne explains how terms, wording, skillsets that focus on strengths for autistic populations and how models for success can be used in systems for education, employment, entrepreneurship and more.

"What would happen if the autism gene was eliminated from the gene pool? You would have a bunch of people standing around in a cave, chatting and socializing and not getting anything done." Temple Grandin

March 6, 2021 Women in Big Data #WomensHistory Feature

With the allies who support us, we are lifting and amplifying the voices of #WomeninBigData. Our guest bloggers will capture your attention & heart with their inspiring stories of determination. You can read them here

See Marie's May 6, 2021 feature on the Women in Big Data Blog here.

University of California at Irvine Merage Business School COVID-19 Hackathon January 22-25, 2021

Apr 2021 1st Annual Data 360 IDEA (Inclusion Diversity Equity Allyship) Awards Hackathon Highlights

Highlights from the guest speakers for the Day 1 - Data 360 UC Irvine COVID-19 Search Hackathon

Prototyping Talk from Tarzine Jackson for the Day 5 - Data 360 UC Irvine COVID-19 Search Hackathon

1st Place Winner Team 10 Vax-The-Nation - Data 360 UC Irvine COVID-19 Search Hackathon

2nd Place Winner Team 8 Project Wellness - Data 360 UC Irvine COVID-19 Search Hackathon

3rd Place Winner Team 6 Health Profiles Analysis - Data 360 UC Irvine COVID-19 Search Hackathon

COVID-19 Search Hackathon - Getting help to those who need it fast

The goals and details of the hackathon are as follows:

  • Building a sustainable future after the COVID-19 Crisis using the best of the breed in technology with big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

  • Focus on putting students and recently laid-off engineers back to work and finding the best solutions to help the planet manage its resources more effectively.

  • For this hackathon, attendees answered the challenge question: How do we create the ultimate help profile to help people recover from the COVID-19 crisis?

  • Platform Used: Google Cloud

  • Teams were judged on modeling and visualization abilities as well as innovation.

Professionals who attended were invited to be a mentor/volunteer, judge or speaker.

You can also sponsor our crowdfunding campaign for $5 and up on so that students can get paid after the hackathon to work on their solution!

New 2020-2021 Talk: Applying Big Data to Our Everyday Lives January 22, 2021

Big data refers to extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions. Sounds intense and difficult, right?

Actually, you live, work and play with big data all of the time on social media, on your smartphone and with the world wide web at large.

In this session, we'll discover how big data affects your home life, your job and your leisure time with distinct practical examples that can lead you into how develop your career in new and exciting ways.

Target industry: All

Target audience: Students planning new careers

What you will learn:

1. How big data affects how you live with healthcare, fitness, energy usage, smart appliances and your home entertainment

2. How big data determines the strategic vision, product/service development and operations of companies and organizations with both business intelligence and data science

3. How you playing with your smart phone produces millions of records every second that your bank, telecom and internet providers use to create infrastructures for the growing needs of the internet, cybersecurity, and global economies. Your smart phone helps whole industries emerge and grow!

Data 360 for the Career Advantage Series: Applying BIG DATA to our everyday lives

Introduction to Cognitive Services -Panel Moderated by Marie S. CIO, Data 360 with Women in Big Data, January 21, 2021

Data 360 Intro Cognitive Computing AKA Computational Cognitive Science 01/22/2021

If we take the broadest look at neurodiversity, meaning many diverse ways of neurologically functioning and the broadest look at artificial intelligence, can we design a system to learn how to close the gap, or provide a holistic view between people?

This panel: will explore the wide and varied field of cognitive services which does just that. And, how it is used in various companies such as those you know like Google, Microsoft, BMC with those that you don't know as well like Anegis, Progress, Teksun, Shaper and a new class of low-code, low impact startups like Data 360.

Learn about how the world of cognitive services is turning the world into exactly what you need in the time that you need it not just for work, but for play, love, life, exploration, learning, healthcare, everyday goods and services and much more. Discover why traditional, error prone web-based, manually made software development, even within the field of AI, will soon be a thing of the past.

Mark Fister and Maureen Dunne are panelists with Marie Smith as moderator.

Mark Fister is a father and husband, executive, snowboarder, technologist, trail runner, speaker, canyoneer, author, investor, and terrible chess player. Mark loves to see business and technology from as many perspectives as possible. To wit, he has held 20 different roles in the software industry at companies like Dell, IBM, eBay, PayPal, and even his own company, making him a jack of one trade and a master of none. He has even tried his hand at product management, sales engineering, straight up sales, and unfortunately, Dad jokes.

When not geeking out on tech, Mark is geeking out on something. Recently, it has been learning the ways of the servant leader. Having interviewed more than 100 people on the topic of servant leadership, Mark was researching mindsets for a series of books when he learned that he was on the spectrum. What a relief it was, for Mark’s entire life suddenly made sense to him! While soul searching (stay in tech? write books?), he was serendipitously introduced to auticon, a software and diversity & inclusion services company whose consultants are on the spectrum. There, he serves as Practice Director where his mission is to do his part to end joblessness for those with autism.

Maureen Dunne is a purpose-driven professional committed to improving lives through innovation/job creation/education (and by creating new opportunity pathways for neurodiverse talent to succeed in higher education and the workforce). Executive, entrepreneur, board member, and thought leader with first-class network spanning top levels in government, non-profit, academic and private sectors. Former National Science Foundation Fellow, Rhodes Scholar, Paul Harris Fellow/Rotary International, Kauffman Entrepreneur Fellow and Women 2.0 "Founder to Watch."

Marie Smith, CIO Data 360: Marie's ambitious entrepreneurial spirit has led her to be a founding contributor in her 20 year career to nearly 50 media, tech and wellness companies and projects which have contributed to over $100 million in transactions.

Data 360: sells a cloud-based, low code, low-cost platform as a service that utilizes a unique data modeling, reporting and messaging solution powered by AI and machine learning to reduce the operations costs of our clients by up to 90%. Our customers use our platform as a service to augment or replace their existing SaaS, web, mobile or social media systems to save costs.

Equity in Data Projects LA Tech 4 Good December 1, 2020

Session Descriptions:

1: Equity in Data Projects. In session 1, we will cover introductions to all participants and your projects, an overview of inclusivity terminology, and how equity impacts the creation and use of data through collection and categorization.

Our guest presenter, Marie Smith, CIO of Data 360 Solutions, is a consistent advocate for data education, and a voice for data equity and for understanding and influencing the implications of data across society. Read Marie’s bio here. View the presentation here.

2: Data Ethics. In session 2, we will discuss various types of bias and definitions of fairness, how power dynamics are reflected, and what perspectives shape the definition of the project, data, and metrics.

3: AI and Algorithms. In session 3, we will discuss the assumptions and choices that shape the design and implementation of algorithms, applying our learnings about equity and ethics to understand the impact of machine learning and AI on stakeholders and communities.

Curated - How Data Affects My Life: Social Justice for Data 4 Good November 19, 2020

Marie, CIO and Co-Founder Curated 2 out of 3 of the guests for the following panel for Data 4 Good where she is on the Board of Advisors. Watch the video below!

How can data help change the landscape for social justice and racial equity?

About this Event

As a tool in the fight for social justice, data can help redesign systems where bias occurs, address cases of human rights abuse, and identify patterns of oppression. Join us to hear from leaders committed to doing just that and learn about their experiences using data to combat injustice, empower communities, and hold governments accountable.

Specifically, we’ll focus on:

  • How social advocacy organizations use data to rebalance power, pass new laws, and lobby for change.

  • The importance of community partnerships and knowledge sharing in advocating for change when the data alone is not enough.

  • How data professionals can get started in contributing their skills, challenging imbalanced datasets, and working with advocacy groups in the fight for positive social change.

Finally, if you’re a warrior in the fight for social justice, we’ll help empower you with data and ideas to make your voice heard.



Simple Uses of Technology in Your Business - Street Entrepreneurs w/ Marie CIO Co-Founder Data 360

Simple Uses of Technology in Your Business from Street Entrepreneurs with Marie CIO and Co-Founder Data 360 November 3 2020

About this Event

Workshop Description: Technology can help small business owners leverage limited capital in smarter, more effective ways. In some cases, using technology provides greater efficiency and versatility, making it a natural progression for processes you may already have in place in your business. In others, you may need to make some adjustments to reap the benefits of tech-friendly alternatives. The good news is that the benefits often outweigh the short-lived challenges of the transitional process, once new systems are in place.

Bio: Marie is the CIO and Co-Founder of Data 360. Marie’s ambitious entrepreneurial spirit has led her to be a founding contributor in her 20 year career to nearly 50 media, tech and wellness companies and projects which have contributed to over $100 million in transactions. After bringing her talents to work at Warner Brothers in their Consumer Products division, Marie Smith began developing her skills in the areas of advertising, sales, dynamic and automated operations, and marketing, working with companies such as Computer Associates, Electronic Arts, Viewpoint Datalabs, Digital Domain, Saatchi & Saatchi and the Nobel Foundation."

She has also worked with an Academy Award winning tech firm from Stanford, over 3,000 brands, prototyped early social media advertising with Facebook and Twitter, and taught over 8,000 students in many different universities, colleges, and high schools throughout Northern and Southern California.

Thank you to Juliana Cardona Mejia and Street Entrepreneurs for such a wonderful and in-depth conversation with Marie Smith of Data 360 about entrepreneurship, tech, diversity, equity, inclusion and the future of the United States. Proud of being in tech as a Black and Latina woman and sharing our company's capabilities and my story with others!

ValleyML Conference 2020 October 26, 2020


View the Replay of the ValleyML AI Conference from October 26, 2020 Enterprise Process Automation - Day 1

Panel Chair/Moderator:

David Wroth, Director Data Science, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Panelists: Manjeet Singh, Marie Smith, Venu Vasudevan

See the clips and watch the full video session below.

Enterprise Process Automation Day 1

Duration: 45 minutes

Get Free Admission (click here)

View the session after ticket purchase (click here)

Data 360 is featured in the ValleyML 2020 conference.

AI Enterprise Expo Enterprise Process Automation Oct 26, 2020, 4:00 PM Panel Discussion⠀

Current and previous sponsors include Dell, Graphcore,UL, MINDBODY, Inc., Ambient Scientific, SEMI, Intel, Western Digital, Texas Instruments, Google, Facebook, Cadence, Xilinx. ⠀

ValleyML is a volunteer-driven cross-industry community for advancing AI to empower people.⠀

Valley Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ValleyML) is the most active and important community of ML & AI Companies and Start-ups, Data Practitioners, Executives and Researchers. We have a global outreach to close to 200,000 professionals in AI and Machine Learning. The focus areas of our members are AI Robotics, AI in Enterprise and AI Hardware. ⠀

ValleyML brings together business leaders and applied machine learning and deep learning practitioners. We collaborate with professional organizations such as ACM, IEEE and other AI related organizations bringing a series of regularly planned events, seminars, conferences, and workshops. We plan to cover the state-of-the-art advancements in AI technology.⠀

AI is becoming omnipresent in our daily routines and is set to usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution with unprecedented scale of changes in how we work and live. Amplifying our human intelligence with AI has the potential of helping humanity flourish like never before, if we (humans!) correctly apply our wisdom to managing AI to keep the technology beneficial. ⠀

Early Bird Registration $90 ends Aug 31. Virtual and Global Live Events. All 9 weeks of the AI Expo program. Sept 21st to Nov 19th 2020. Register (click here). See more info on the ValleyML website about Marie and the panel (click here).⠀ Visionary Voices Speaking Bureau September 1, 2020

Congrats to our CIO and Co-Founder @mariedata360 for being selected out of 1300 to be a part of the All Raise Visionary Voices Speaking Bureau!⠀

#VisionaryVoices is All Raise’s newest initiative to amplify female and non-binary voices. Conversations about tech and venture capital shouldn’t happen without us. Take a look at the full speakers bureau below (click here).⠀

Visionary Voices is designed to be a public resource to introduce journalists, editors, and event organizers to a powerful network of female and non-binary tech leaders and investors. We’ve partnered with top media organizations like Fast Company, Protocol, SaaStr, and Startup Grind, who have already committed to using the Visionary Voices speakers bureau as a resource to host more equitable events.

#HumanProsperity Podcast - October 27, 2020

Thanks Max Zheng for a lovely podcast session today! Keep fighting the good fight! #humanpotential #prosperity #wellnessjourney #storiesthatmatter #storiesofresilience #womenleaders #womeninstem

From Max Zheng of the Human Prosperity Podcast

Thank you, Marie Smith, for sharing your passion of building a holistic data solution to bring #BusinessIntelligence to every company using #AI and #ML!

Become a genius in life using our guide.

Marie Smith - CIO, Data, AI, ML Specialist, Strategist, Creative Problem-Solver, Innovator, Supporting the Fabulous Unapologetic You!

Marie has extensive experience in the data space and is very passionate about bringing a holistic data solution to companies from data ingestion to business intelligence.

As Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Data 360, she's leading the development of AI and machine learning solutions for marketing, sales and human resources. Integrating Data 360's AI, machine learning and big data solutions into email, text message, apps and web based software solutions around the world.

Her fascination with computers started when she was young -- she started coding at 9. And it has grown over the years with the growth of online giants like AOL, Facebook, Google, etc. When she worked with Domo, she realized that it is only part of the solution that companies need, and therefore started the journey to build her own company with her other co-founder.

To be successful, she recommends stay the course because it's going to be tough -- the bigger the ambition the tougher it will be.

Listen Now

To be a genius in life, checkout our guide. #humanprosperity #podcast

- Advice to those in their career journeys.

#SnackWalls Podcast October 22, 2020

Thanks to Mike Roberts for the opportunity to share insights on diversity, equity and inclusion. Honored that you included me and Data 360 on your podcast!

From Snackwalls:

On today’s show, we interviewed the wonderful Marie Smith. As the Co-Founder of Data360, she shares the wisdom she has learned while starting up and running a business.

#MonsterChat Podcast Sponsored by Monster VOIP September 1, 2020

Thanks to Collin Mitchell for featuring Data 360's CIO and Co-Founder Marie Smith with such a great podcast interview!⠀

From Colin Mitchell @MonsterVOIP⠀

It was such a pleasure learning Marie Smith's Story on Monster Chats by Monster VoIP.⠀

Marie has an incredible story for grit and determination. Check out the full episode on YouTube (click here).

Feature: Whitepaper "Shaping AI Systems with Cultural Data" September 1, 2020

Data 360 is also featured in the new whitepaper "Shaping AI Systems with Cultural Data" led by Davar Atalan current CEO of iVow.AI and formerly of NPR's "All Things considered" team. Marie, our CIO and Co-Founder is part of the advisory board for iVow.AI.

From Davar @iVow:

The historic role of women is muted in publicly available datasets. It's clear that we need a central repository of data that is easily accessible, explainable and reflective of the contributions of women throughout history.⠀

For instance, in a major dataset, Michelle Obama is tagged as a "companion" and in a search for Americanwomen in all science & technology fields, we found 71 females (one was actually male); only four were African American.⠀

Proud of our report featuring prominent AI and data experts Nasrin Mostafazadeh Tariq King Marie Smith Lisha Bell Susanna R. Rogerio Lourenco, written and edited together with Kee Malesky Nikki McLay Read it here (click here)

Davar is a tech entrepreneur and founder of IVOW AI. Prior to this, she was Deputy Director of the Presidential Innovation Fellowship Program in Washington D.C. and before that a veteran journalist at NPR News. In 2015, her last position at NPR was senior producer of the Identity and Culture Unit. Realizing that there is a gaping hole in AI algorithms that will define our future, she created IVOW, bringing together a team of journalists and technologists to design cultural IQ in AI. Ardalan, who has also served as Managing Editor at Hanson Robotics, has been recognized with a 2017 NASA Team Leadership award for Space Apps, a Gracie Award from the American Women in Radio and Television and a shout-out in the popular comic stripZippy. In May 2014, she was the recipient of a United States Ellis Island Medal of Honor, for individual achievement and for promoting cultural unity.

Marie Smith, CIO of Data360 Solutions Paas Startup Talks Deep Tech & Women in Tech

Queens in Tech Podcast • Jul 18

She said “Platform as a service.”

“Platform as a service?” I thought “what is that?”

Recently, Marie Smith, Data Architect & Chief Information Officer of Data360 Solutions from Los Angeles, CA shared more about her PaaS venture & her experience as an inventor.

Marie knows data backwards & forwards; she lives and breathes it as a hybrid CIO/CTO for Data360.

So what is Data360 Solutions?

According to Marie, it’s a low-cost alternative to Google ads and Facebook ads; it is decentralized—meaning you as a company/organization can set up your own custom infrastructure to attract your ideal clients.

Learn more about Data360 Solution here:

Systems designs, tech stack choices, protocols & everyday workflows are part of her main responsibilities in her current role.

Marie and her co-founders have bootstrapped Data360 into a medium sized company and on their way to a Series A round.

As a deep tech company, they're partnering with tech giants among which are Google & Microsoft; currently as a PaaS, Data360 reaches about 1.5M people per month.

Marie's ambitious entrepreneurial spirit has led her to be a founding contributor in her 20 year career to nearly 50 media, tech and wellness companies and projects which have contributed to over $100 million in transactions.

As an Adtech developer for Facebook and Twitter, Marie was part of the teams that prototyped ad products we interact with these days; she was among those who prototyped ad pages and offered campaign best-practices on ad units & how the units should be technically developed.

At the start of her entrepreneurial journey, Marie had already been in the Media & Entertainment industry in various roles. She ventured into entrepreneurship, specializing as a Media Tech Expert consulting for companies as a seasoned software developer and data scientist

This is when her eyes opened to a different world, a world where she created her own projects and created value for her clients in way that hadn't been done before!

During our chat, Marie confidently stated that you should "create your life—don’t passively wait to be found"....and most importantly, "learn about how money works" in our world if you want to live the life you truly want.

In our full conversation, Marie shares:

✨ How she transitioned into STEM with a Film & Media background

✨ Why she became an entrepreneur after working in Adtech as a software developer & data architect for Facebook and Twitter

✨ What makes a great founder

✨ Her responsibilities as CIO of Data360 Solutions & what her day looks like as CIO

✨ What a PaaS is & how Data360 actually works

✨ Being a mom and an entrepreneur

✨ Actionable advice for women in STEM about entrepreneurship

2020 New Talk

Data-Driven: An approach for reimagining institutions

July 9, 2020

Imagine a world where the decisions don't just get made on gut instinct, but also or alternatively get made on public data. With over 20 years of data generated by the world now in place thanks to the Internet Genome, we can have more than a probability of knowing what global societies want, need and think. What types of American and global public and private institutions can we reimagine?

2019 New Talk

UX Considerations for Designing Research for Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Future Technology Applications

As a designer of future technology applications, systems, platforms and protocols since 1998, Marie, CIO of Data 360, shares some of the insights and statistical and modeling methodologies for future technologies.

Since starting her career at AOL and her current work with the cloud teams and systems in projects with Google and Amazon, Marie helps illuminate some key findings from the rapid prototyping world of Silicon Valley as well as R&D and innovation projects from many large financial, insurance, health, real estate, retail and entertainment companies and she will share the following key takeaways:

  1. How to develop user interfaces for new technologies big data, artificial intelligence, chatbots, Internet of Things (IOT), augmented reality and virtual reality

  2. Learning user design with chatbots and talk based interfaces: The guide to researching effective use cases conversational workflow with interactivity utilizing physical observational methods

  3. How to quantify and qualify user cognition in user interfaces for big data, artificial intelligence, chatbots, Internet of Things (IOT), augmented reality and virtual reality

  4. Useful tools and methodologies for measuring impact and effectiveness for new technologies including big data, artificial intelligence, chatbots, Internet of Things (IOT), augmented reality and virtual reality

  5. Methodologies for modeling and determining useful statistical means for measuring behavioral tracking in mixed reality environments

Some basic references:

University of California Berkeley Emerging Tech and Social Impact Challenge Lab September 2019

The class focuses on a social, environmental, political, or cultural problem using blockchain, fintech, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and other disruptive technologies that have the potential to transform society or reinvent markets.

This program is part of the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SCET).

Since 2005, SCET has created the foundation of Berkeley’s entrepreneurship ecosystem including SkyDeck, the Fung Institute, the Engineering Leadership Professional Program, Global Venture Lab, and an extensive ecosystem of Silicon Valley and Global partners.

The Center is also known for developing the Berkeley Method, an internationally recognized approach to teaching technology entrepreneurship to undergraduates, innovation to Ph.D. students, and technology firm leadership to professionals and executives. As part of the Berkeley innovation ecosystem, the Sutardja Center also collaborates closely with the Jacob’s Institute for Design, the Haas Business School, and the CITRIS Foundry.

Data 360 Emerging Tech Lab UC Berkeley 09162019

Podcast Wings of Inspired Business July 2019

When you ask Marie Smith where she sees herself in 10 years, she says: “Likely on Jupiter or somewhere”.

This is a woman who has always shot for the stars, writing her first computer program as a 9-year-old girl and rising to a Vice President of her first tech company by age 24.

Now she’s innovating in the artificial intelligence space: “We’re able to service 50,000 customers in one day with one employee,” says Marie of her pioneering artificial intelligence company Data 360.


Marie’s team is finding companies their specific customers through what they share about themselves online and in social conversations – and matching them to offers in such a way that will soon make the online sales funnel and email list obsolete.

Imagine having a 40% open rate on a promotional campaign, compared to the 1% email open rates most companies now experience.

“Sometimes I feel like a ‘slumdog millionaire’,” says Marie, who is regularly the only African American woman in the room.

Today on WINGS we talk:

• All things artificial intelligence and how machine learning is being utilized at Data360 to reduce company operational costs by as much as 90%

• Why marketing as usual – from funnels and emails lists to social media campaigns - may soon be turned on its head

• Why we won’t recognize our world even 5 years from now

• Why a web page will be fluidly dynamic and data processors will manage 500 billion transactions a day

• The mindset for success as the only woman in the room and the only African American woman in the tech “bro culture”

• Why everyone needs a lot of mentors and how Marie has leveraged them throughout her career and now mentors women in tech through Black Girls Code, Girls Who Code, My Brother's Keeper, Women Who Tech, Women Impact Tech, Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti's WiSTEM and more.

Guest Lecture Technology Commercialization, University of Southern California - January 29, 2019

Guest lecturer for: BAEP 557: Technology Commercialization (3.0 units)

Identification, evaluation and commercialization of new technologies. Emphasis will be placed on the legal, financial and marketing aspects of technology transfer and development.

Taught by Pai-Ling Yin, Associate Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship and Director of the Technology Commercialization Initiative.

Featured Speaking and Conferences 2017-2019

Marie has been a speaker at O'Reilly Media, USC, Data Con LA, IDEAS (International Data Engineering and Science), Techstars Startup Week Riverside, Girls Who Code, My Brothers' Keeper (Obama Foundation), Black Girls Code, Step Up, LA Kitchen, , Women Who Code, TEC Leimert, AI Showbiz 3.0.

See more on Marie's LinkedIn page.

Hireclub Coaching 2019-2020

HireClub is an invite only group that helps friends find job and offers coaching subscriptions.

The mission of HireClub is to help people grow in their careers.

They do this through career coaching and community. Users can sign up for a subscription or pay by service.

These single sessions range in price and topics include career coaching, resume help, negotiation, and mock interviews. The website also has a job board which features positions that community members are hiring.

HireClub is for anyone who is looking to make a change in their career.

Here are some reviews from past clients on the Hireclub platform between 2019 and 2020.

Coaching appointments ranged from career development and changing careers to entrepreneurship and new careers in media and technology.

Marie @ Data 360 at IDEAS Southern California October 2018

Do you ever wonder who we are? We are the International Data Engineering and Science Association (IDEAS). We have had 4 years Data Science/AI/Blockchain related conference experience. Hosted 10+ conferences, 100+ meet ups & social mixers, had 300+ speakers, 5,000+ attendees, 100,000+ members, and 20,000,000 + SNS reach out.

How AI Can Grow Business?

Session Format: 40-minute Panel Discussion

Topic: How AI Can Grow Business?

Time: 12:50 pm – 1:30 pm

Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center, Ballroom 404, the Second floor

Moderator: Xiaolu Zhao, CTO from Data Application Lab


  • Vladyslav Ivanov, Co-Founder & CEO from Enxiety

  • Mic Farris, Director from KPMG

  • utao He, Sr. Research Technologist from JPL/NASA

  • Marie Smith, CIO from Data 360

For the October IDEAS conference, there were three main objectives:

* Building a blockchain, AI, and data science hub by providing robust resources and connecting real-­world expertise.
* Fostering the AI, data engineering, and data science ecosystems and broaden the adoption of their underlying technologies, thus accelerating the innovations data can bring to society.
* Last but not least, empowering and nurturing community growth by offering online resources, conferences, the latest industry trends, and data related job opportunities.

Data 360 Presentation at Data Con LA August 2018

Big Data Day LA, recently re-branded as Data Con LA, is the largest data conference of its kind in Southern California. Spearheaded by Subash D’Souza and organized and supported by a community of volunteers, sponsors and speakers, Big Data Day LA features the most vibrant gathering of data and technology enthusiasts in Los Angeles. BDDLA started in 2013 with over 250 attendees, and has grown over the years with 550+ attendees in 2014, 950+ in 2015, 1250+ in 2016 and 1550+ in 2017.

Podcast August 2018

Podcast "Intro to AI" with Marie, Co-Founder and CIO Data 360 and Lady Zhe of the Jazz and Tech Lounge

Los Angeles, CA August 2018 - Listen Here

Data 360 Courses May - August 2017

Big Data 101

Learn about the basics of big data. We are covering the 8Vs: Volume, Value, Veracity, Visualization, Variety, Velocity, Viscosity, and Virality. To be able to use big data effectively, you must master these key principles.

Background Information for Video - Big Data 101

Big Data 101 Course Materials

Data Normalization

What is data normalization? What do you mean by normalization of data? What is the goal of normalization in a database? How do you normalize data in Excel? Examples provided.

Background Information for Video - Data Normalization Training

Data Normalization Training Course Materials

Data Processing Training

You will learn to complete the following tasks: Data Collection or Assembly, Data Preprocessing, Data Exploration & Visualization, Model Building, Model Evaluation, Tokenization, Normalization, and Noise Removal.

Background Information for Video - Data Processing Training

Data Processing Training Course Materials

Introduction to the Facebook API

Learn about the 5 key access points to developing applications for Facebook and much much more!

Background Information for Video - Introduction to the Facebook API

Introduction to the Facebook API Course Materials

Keys to Product Management

Data 360 Product Management Training V3

Learn product management using two key Lean Startup methods! This course will walk you through the Lean Product Process and other key tools derived from Lean methodologies.

Text - Keys to Product Management Course Materials

Value Proposition Canvas Downloads

MVP References Downloads

Customer Journey Maps

Data 360 Workshops

All of the classes below are presented by the Data 360 team.

About Data 360

Data 360 is reinventing CRM software and the search engine by adding a proprietary use of big data and AI to help businesses find the perfect customers and employees.

We are helping businesses save time and money and grow faster by using Data 360's services to find the perfect customers and employees. Businesses can now spend most of their time in growing their products and services. Customers and employees can get the products, services and jobs that they actually are interested in and want instead of those who pay the most money to target them.

The problem Data 360 solves

Data 360 solves the pains of inaccurate targeting and lack of security inherent in the "freemium" search and social media services provided by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other similar platforms. We provide clear key performance indicators and comprehensive profiles that provide clients with the right customers or employees for their companies.

Our insights are based on a proprietary analysis of predictive indicators of human motivation and transactional behaviors based on key interests, personality insights and timely transaction-related data making them more like to participate in our clients' marketing, sales or HR campaigns. We have a 70% to 80% retention rate from initial contact to qualifying said contact as a perfect match which can then be verified as a lead.

About the Data 360 business network

Our business community consists of 70,000+ users on a closed, invite-only web-based messaging network as of March 2018 (starting from 55 in August 2016 and 5 in January 2016) growing to nearly 3 million by 2019 due to 5 new major corporate partnerships which launched in March 2018. If you'd like to request an invite to the Data 360 network, then email


Everything you were never taught about building a great website

Purchase workshop online class on Data 360's Learning Portal - Data U

Business owners are often lured in by free or cheap website services without understand the harm and damage they create for a lot of businesses. There are many erroneous and dangerous aspects of free or cheap that show you get what you pay for. Learn how to build a website effectively for your time, effort and budget to reach your exact marketing and sales goals each and every time.

  • Target industry: Any industry that is also online

  • Target audience: Website professionals in a small or large business

1. Why GoDaddy, Wix and Squarespace are not great ideas for your first website…

2. What are the 5 key components needed for a successful, customer-generating website?

3. How do you integrate your website, SEO and social media so that your marketing and sale are automated?

What is SEO anyway? Why is SEO important?

Purchase workshop online class on Data 360's Learning Portal - Data U

SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines. There are many aspects to SEO, from the words on your page to the way other sites link to you on the web. Sometimes SEO is simply a matter of making sure your site is structured in a way that search engines understand.

Many experts say that they know SEO and they probably know that basics. But, without guidance from an actual software engineer with developer access to the major platforms, you can spend many years following “best practices” with little or no results and a lot of money down the drain.

  • Target industry: Any industry that is also online

  • Target audience: Marketing/technology professionals in a small or large business

1. What is SEO and how has it changed over the last 20 years?

2. Where do you go to learn about SEO and SEO strategy?

3. Why do you use a marketing or tech team to help you with SEO?

How to use social media for sales without spending a bunch of money

Purchase workshop online class on Data 360's Learning Portal - Data U

In the early days of social marketing, there was little competition for the dollar. Today, there is tons. You can spend thousands of dollars on a Facebook ad campaign, for example, and get no return on your investment. Just like competing for space in the newspaper years ago, you are not competing for eyes on social media. And since social media by its very nature is a "short attention span" media, it is 10 times harder to get their attention than it was with a newspaper ad. The ad headlines and copy are harder to write on Twitter or Instagram than in print.

Having an account with social media does not make you "into" social media any more than owning golf clubs makes you ready for the PGA tour. In fact, social media users are turned off by the business who opens accounts and does not engage and therefore becomes labeled as a pretender. The truth is, it is better to not have a social media icon on your website if you are not going to actively engage it.

Learn all the aspects of turning your social media account into a tool that engages your audience and produces customers ready to buy your products or services.

  • Target industry: Any industry that is also online

  • Target audience: Marketing/technology professionals in a small or large business

1. What are the best tools for using social media for sales?

2. What types of sales are best for what type of social media platforms?

3. How to create the best strategic roadmap for social media?

How to handle a lot of customers with a very small staff

Purchase workshop online class on Data 360's Learning Portal - Data U

Thanks to the internet, the way people communicate is drastically different than it was 10, even 5 years ago. Messengers like WhatsApp have become the preferred mode of communication in every aspect of consumers’ lives, and now that switch is happening with businesses too.

There are many messaging-first products that all modern internet businesses can use to accelerate growth across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition, to engagement, and support.

Today more than 25,000 businesses, including New Relic, Sotheby’s, and Shopify, use customer management systems to connect with a billion unique people worldwide.

Learn how to use these key tools with a very small staff, even if you want to manage it solo on a part-time basis to shore up your revenue and operations.

  • Target industry: Any industry that is also online

  • Target audience: Operations professionals in a small or large business

What you will learn:

1. Easy to learn customer management systems

2. Great tools for social media marketing and customer service

3. Advanced search techniques and automating your sales CRM

Marketing automation systems for micro-enterprises and SMBs

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Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. Many marketing departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions. The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier.

Learn how to incorporate these key software tools in your business.

  • Target industry: Any industry that is also online

  • Target audience: Marketing professionals in a small or large business

What you will learn:

1. How to put Google, Facebook and Twitter on autopilot to promote your business

2. How to get Google, Facebook and Twitter to provide you with qualified customers

3. Create an automated contact and lead database for as little as $9.99 per month!

Sales automation systems for micro-enterprises and SMBs

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Sales automation software takes the manual, time-consuming tasks sales reps, managers, and leaders do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and automates them. Not only does it turbocharge your efficiency, it also improves accuracy and accelerates your sales process.

Sales automation may just be the answer to all your selling woes. No, really.

Have you ever:

  • Lost a deal because you forgot to follow up?

  • Spent precious minutes adding opportunities or leads to your CRM?

  • Overlooked an issue in your sales process for a dangerously long time?

  • Called leads in alphabetical order rather than best fit?

  • Went back and forth with a prospect figuring out a good time to meet?

  • Wasted half an hour digging through your files to find the specific deck or customer testimonial you needed?

If you can relate to any -- or all -- of the above, you need sales automation.

  • Target industry: Any industry that is also online

  • Target audience: Sales professionals in a small or large business

What you will learn:

1. What does sales automation mean?

2. What types of software are available and how do they relate to marketing?

3. How do you complete the sale with sales automation? Key examples and case studies.

Planning for automation and AI for your new business

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Manual tasks take time. They must be performed linearly by humans who are prone to errors and who are unable to consistently perform to the highest standards.

Automation reduces the number of tasks you and your employees would otherwise need to do manually. This frees up your time to work on items that add genuine value to the business, allowing you to be more innovative and increasing your employees’ levels of motivation.

Automation also allows you to get more done in the same amount of time, greatly increasing productivity.

Learn how to use automation with artificial intelligence (AI) in this enlightening workshop and profit.

  • Target industry: Any industry that is also online

  • Target audience: Founders, owners, team leads

What you will learn:

1. Using automation and AI to find your most profitable market

2. Using automation and AI to acquire customers

3. Using automation and AI to qualify customers

4. Using automation and AI to sell/close customers

List of Organizational Mentorships, Advisories, Board Placements 2015-2020

  • Google Developer Group Cloud Los Angeles (Director) 2020 to present

  • Scale LA Health 2020 to present

  • Female Founders Alliance 2020 to present

  • Data 4 Good Board of Advisors 2020 to present

  • iFundWomen 2020 to present

  • Pledge LA 2019 to present

  • Advisor iVow 2019 to present

  • Women Impact Tech 2019 to present

  • City of Los Angeles WiStem 2018 to present

  • Project W 2020

  • Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator Founders Business Accelerator 2020

  • UC Berkeley Emerging Technology Lab 2019

  • TEC Leimert 2019

  • Women Who Code 2019

  • USC 2019

  • IDEAS International Data Engineering and Science Association 2018

  • Data Con LA 2018

  • Bixel Exchange 2017 to 2020

  • Techstars Week Riverside 2017

  • Girls Who Code, My Brothers' Keeper (Obama Foundation), Black Girls Code, Step Up, LA Kitchen 2016 to 2018

  • Board of Directors Smart Riverside 2015 to 2017