Demos and Case Studies

For all of Data 360's offerings, once our clients' existing digital footprint is analyzed and the relevant reports are rendered that surface key insights and problems, we have a services team that alters the appropriate websites, social media pages, email marketing templates, mobile applications and/or cloud-based applications to target, capture and manage users more appropriately using our menu of Integration Services.

Our entire systematic approach using the power of big data, AI and machine learning to optimize digital communications can save up to 90% over typical digital campaign costs for marketing, sales, HR and any other user-based business function. The output of all of our services comes in the form of a Virtual Rolodex which can be loaded into any social media platform, email system, CRM software or ERP for any type of transaction.

You can see all of the use cases for Data 360 services by viewing the customers we serve and our enterprise services.

View demos and case studies of the various aspects of our service below.

The case studies below show some examples of the results our clients have gotten from our services. While the case studies below show how we work with email and Facebook, we utilize the same system and methodologies for LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other message based systems (SMS, Slack, Skype, Telegram).

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