FBPlus - Sample Report (B2C)

In this Facebook report, we review the following with you:

  1. Organic Versus Paid Likes
  2. Existing Audience (Page Likes and Engaged Users)
  3. Most Distributed Content (Based on the Facebook Algorithm)

Then, we will focus on a basic recommended user journey to start with to verify the above data and proceed with campaign launch.

Organic vs. Paid Likes

With organic likes, your conversion rate was 19.5% over the course of 2 days.

With paid likes, your conversion rate was 0.1% over the course of 7 days.

Recommendation for phase 1 test: User the majority of your 300 contacts in your FBPlus campaign to recruit influencers who can recommend your page and campaign versus the general public with paid advertising.

Existing Audience

There is a bit of difference overall between users that like the brand's Facebook page and users that are ENGAGED on the brand's page.

Page Likes

Engaged Users

While the majority of your users who like the brand's Facebook page are women, 35 to 44. The majority of engaged users are women, 45 to 54.

Based on the current calls to action for donations and to help youth, this older demographic would be expected based on the current content.

This is audience on your Facebook page is a good thing in terms of fundraising.

Some facts about Boomers:

  • They control 80% of all financial wealth in the US.
  • They have $46 trillion.
  • They spend 78% of all dollars spent online.
  • They give nearly half of all philanthropic giving from individuals.
  • They are 1/3 more generous than older donors were at the same age.

So why is everyone so focused on Millennials? Well there are more of them than there are Boomers (or any other generation). But:

  • They earn 20% less than Boomers did at the start of their careers, despite being better educated.
  • The median college-educated Millennial is only earning slightly more than a Baby Boomer without a degree did in 1989.
  • They give 11% of all dollars given by individuals to charity, despite being more numerous than Boomers.

And that last fact is the most important one for fundraisers: They're still young, and that means lower levels of charitable giving.

What, according to fundraising wizard Sean Triner, is The best way to get donations from under 40s?

Wait until they are over 40.

It's a painful truth that many fundraisers spend a lot of money battering their heads against. People under 40 are tough prospects for fundraising. They're hard to find. Very hard to motivate to give. Harder yet to motivate to give a second gift.

The charitable giving impulse starts to grow sometime after age 40. Grows stronger in the 50s. It really starts to matter in the 60s and older. That's just the way it is.

Older donors have:

  • Higher average donations
  • Higher second gift rates
  • Higher retention (especially in monthly giving)
  • Higher amounts raised (in events)
  • Higher chance of supporting an event again
  • Higher lifetime value
  • Higher chance of putting you in their will
  • Higher chance of becoming major donors
  • Higher chance of responding to most of your communications

These numbers pencil out to the difference between success and failure in fundraising.

If you want young donors, aim at people in their 40s and 50s. They are less responsive than those in the 60s and older -- but they give larger gifts. And they have the potential to stay with you for a long time.

Be like Sean. Focus your fundraising on older -- and getting older -- donors.

Source: http://www.futurefundraisingnow.com/future-fundraising/demographics/

Recommendation: Keep your existing audience and grow your older fanbase as well as your younger fanbase in parallel if you decide not to just focus on your older fanbase.

Most Distributed Content

Outside of your Facebook posts, information about music shows, music history and hip hop were your top posts that performed during the pilot phase of your campaign. This also seems to be indicative of an older demographic.

  • Branded Posts 990
  • Music Shows 147
  • Music History 116
  • Hip Hop 78
  • Music Fans 57
  • Women 41
  • Incentive 36
  • Music Profession 34
  • Beauty / Fashion 21
  • Events / Travel 7

In terms of format type, posts that link to articles were almost double the reach of photos and videos. Again, this is also indicative of an older demographic according to the Facebook algorithm.

  • Link 753
  • Video 466
  • Photo 308

Recommendation: Focus on content that gives the background and history of any photos or videos that you post. Utilize Data 360's bots to find relevant articles that are interesting to your audience.

Recommended Test User Journey

  1. Based on the above data, we recommend that you focus on telling the historical story of your brand and the next phases of the STEM program in short informational messages.
  2. We recommend that you explain the key functional and beneficial features of working with your fundraising as a new way of managing their legacy giving (per the data above about the 45-54 demographic).
  3. To convert the users, we recommend that you feature content about the "next generation" to put the focus on the stories of students from the House of Blues Foundation and Base 11 to engage donors on how they are helping to build the future (per the data above about the 45-54 demographic)..

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