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What is a big data analysis?

Big Data analysis is a service that Data 360 offers to help you strategize about what is best for your business using the Internet or web firehose.

The firehose is a near real-time publishing access to the API of a website that can be granted to developers, like those at Data 360, that can provide millions of records of raw data to use in applications or analyses like the ones that Data 360 provides. Over 30,000 websites (and more) have API publishing rights that developers who make applications, services or systems can obtain and not just for social media, but news, blogs, image sites, video sites, messaging apps and more! Even kitchen appliances and cars now have APIs!

In this case, the Data 360 team analyzed 46+ million records in this example to guide our fictional yoga client to make key decisions about how to compete in the yoga market and sell their yoga mats.

Watch this video to learn more

This short 10 minute video will help you see why big data search and analysis matters. When you add this big data to any marketing or sales campaign, you can then use Data 360's system to target the right people at the right time!

Here's what we learned:

  1. We need to sell our yoga mats where yoga classes are happening to be most effective (sorry Anthropologie and Amazon) because in the United States, the strongest buying patterns for yoga are associated with yoga classes according to the data.
  2. We can gain significant traction pairing our yoga mats with books, fitness products/info, and food and health (i.e. nutrition) products/info. We can also look have the Data 360 team find the appropriate bloggers in these areas that can be recruited to sell my yoga mat.
  3. Lastly, we learned that audience size is not the only factor that matters in big data search. The distribution or number of communities in that search matter. By looking deeper into the data provided by the Data 360 system, we have learned that we need both a large audience and a larger number of communities that have captured those audiences.

Now what? How do sales happen?

They happen through a very special set of data systems and licenses that are unique to Data 360. Stay tuned for the next blog!

Take a deep dive into the data from the video here:

August 2019 Data 360 Yoga Demo 07/31/2019

Purchase a Competitive Analysis

You can get a full competitive analysis for your business including big data search for $1,299 flat rate with the answers on what you should do thanks to our artificial intelligence and machine learning system. Data 360's sources include searches on over 25 sources (search, news, blogs, social media, videos, pictures, etc) and 100+ countries.

All Packages Include:

  • A 10 day review period where you can change any details in your campaign and order. After the review period for setting up your first campaign with us, then the order is final.
  • A welcome message within 24 hours of when we receive your payment. This message will contain all of the information and requirements to successfully receive the benefits of the account.
  • 3 Big Data search terms with 3 analyses and reports that tell you what avenue is the most profitable avenue to take to meet your goals.
  • Up to 3 revisions for your search to achieve the insights you need for your business.
  • A recommendations report (3 pages only) on how to use big data on your websites, seo, social media and email marketing.
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