Market Intelligence

Market intelligence reports start at $5,499 for a minimum of 5 companies or searches (includes all data offered by over 2000 API sources with Data 360 personality insights, recent relevant news, predictive market scoring and all relevant psychographic / organizational analysis of individual contacts with key recommendations).

See a Sample Market Intelligence Report.

Data 360 Data Alerts allow you to receive market intelligence data and insights from customized search queries that you send to us. Data 360 now provides unprecedented access to companies, investors, VCs and the who's who in your market. We arm our clients with unprecedented insight into the flow of capital across the entire venture capital, private equity and M&A landscape to help them capitalize on opportunities in the private markets.

You can now order data for your marketing, sales and financial strategies for your company and then Data 360 can predictively analyze where your strategies or target are going to help you effectively meet you and your company's goals.

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