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Data 360 is pleased to introduce the Data 360 Labs Women's Initiative for funding up to $2 million in partnership with Google, Faster Capital, KiwiTech and numerous investor networks. We are providing support for female and diverse founders who are looking for technical co-founders. See more about Data 360 Labs on the Data 360 website.

The first round of earliest applicants will be notified for interviews by May 20 and every two weeks thereafter. Applicants accepted on a rolling, first come, first served basis. We encourage your company to apply early and participate in upcoming pitch competitions and events to be shortlisted for an interview. The final date for all applications is June 21.

Please register with our Data 360 Labs Women's Initiative Group for more general information about the application process and Data 360.

All Women's Initiative Participants will receive a free trial from G Suite and a host of goodies from Google and others.

Recent Pitches May - July 2019

We're holding a pitch competition. Here are some of our pitch contestants. Stay tuned for more pitch contestants being posted June and July 2019!

Pitch: Thea Pham, U-Defi, Inc. Los Angeles

U-Defi, Inc. is a skincare company developing safe and effective anti-aging creams based on individual customers’ skin profiles.

Pitch: Jacqueline Jones BioPower Enterprises (BPE) Los Angeles

BioPower Enterprises is a clean-tech company developing small scale anaerobic digesters that will eliminate food and pet waste at home. Their product "the ANDI" is an essential component in creating a world where zero home waste is achievable.


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Recent News

PRESS RELEASE: FasterCapital's First Round of Funding 2019 - March 21, 2019

Investors, are you looking for global deal flow?

FasterCapital is looking to have always new investors who are interested to invest in startups. We invest in PEOPLE with passion, with high-impact, far-reaching ideas and an undying passion to pursue their dreams. We have a unique model called co-funding and co-founding which enables non-technical entrepreneurs to start a company by investing in their startup (anywhere between USD200k - USD2M) and help in building the technical product. As an incubator, we will be the first to invest in a startup. We will help you by doing the due diligence and make sure that the startup is worthy of investment. In many cases we will invest ourselves as well . We've invested about $13.2M in more than 26 incubated startups around the world. But we aren't done yet! We need your help. We have more than 200 creative startups which are looking for raise capital. You can check our Portfolio. Our investors will get priority about invitations to events and will only review startups that are suitable for what they are looking for (geography, stage, industry). If you are interested to add your name to the list of our top Investors and notify you about startups that might be interesting, please read the process below

  1. Please tell us what industries you want to focus on, what stage and how much do you invest usually.
  2. Once you fill the our questionnaire, we will include you on our list of top Investors (only in case you approved that).
  3. We will send you the list of FC's startups that are seeking to raise capital.
  4. You tell us which of those companies are interesting to you and we can provide further details.
  5. We will share the details of the company: founders, stage of the product, MVP validation, revenue and cash flow if any, funding required and vision.
  6. Please note that any company that we are presenting to you has gone through our validation model and thus we are ready to invest in it as well. So we share the risk with the investor as we will invest 50% in technical development.

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