Data 360 Labs Success Stories

Data 360 Labs is an online incubator. To learn more about us, see the Data 360 Labs overview page and our history and background page. See more of our capabilities on our Demo and Case Studies page.

About Our Investor and Partner Network

Data 360 Labs is part of the Faster Capital incubator funding network which provides up to $2 million in matching funds to early stage companies who are looking for a technical co-founder.

We are also connected to thousands of investors, incubators, accelerators and partners throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia which are independent, part of Microsoft and Google ecosystems and part of various funding syndicates or investment funds.

Data 360's model is to help you obtain the first early stage investor, corporate or partner funding for your company which will in turn help you become eligible for additional grants, loans, matching capital (such as the capital from FasterCapital) and many other sources of traditional and non-traditional funding.

Our Reach

Data 360's social media reaches up to 2.9 million users per month on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We help our small businesses and startups create explosive footprints online. See some of our recent stats from Twitter from our big data, AI/Ml and automation system.

Press and Notable Projects


Can AI Save Our Oceans? Let's Start With The Data.

Exciting innovations in AI for the ocean's benefit. This series will showcase the power of technology, and AI to restore and regenerate our oceans. When it comes to ocean data, the information is overwhelming, unavailable and always fragmented. Making... Read more about our Oceans Moonshot project on

QUOTE: "If you look at the history and infrastructure of the general internet, the advent of social media and smartphones greatly amplified big data. Much of that data comes from the ideas and thoughts we are collectively sharing across those platforms daily. Now AI can be applied to big data to give people knowledge that makes them care and access to a community that can affect change.” Marie Smith, CIO Data 360

ACLU Prop 47 Analysis - NY Times, LA Times, PBS

The Data 360 team conceptualized and designed the data framework, visualizations and analysis for a large project for the ACLU.

Here are some links to the ACLU work which wa featured in the NY Times, LA Times and PBS:

Other Notable Projects

The Data 360 team has similar projects for HBO, the city of Los Angeles and the Knight and Mozilla Foundations. All of these projects are what ultimately formed our Smart Search service and the new platform we are building with Google and Microsoft (version 6).

Sample Client Results

FBPlus Services

One of our clients achieved the following using our FBPlus automation services.

In a little over 3 weeks, our client used FBPlus to:

  • Achieve over $28,000 in sales
  • Get 300+ new customers
  • Develop a relationship with 500 additional new marketing contacts (outside of the sales made)

This product had never sold before! We used our marketing automation and chatbot tools to optimize the Facebook algorithm to find his top customers and get his campaign into the hands of key influencers.

Our FBPlus service (mostly not humans):

  1. Located the right content
  2. Used that content to recruit new customers
  3. Messaged those customers on how to buy the product

All without the customer lifting a finger.

EmailPlus Services

The Problem

Data 360’s leadership and career coach client was looking for help in generating more business online with new clients. She has previously tried working via LinkedIn, with virtual assistants and online sales agents. Facebook and Google ads were too expensive.

Due to her very busy schedule working with corporate clients as a trainer and teacher, she needed Data 360 to help her use automation to get her clear and repeatable results.

Data 360’s Role

Data 360 provided the client with the EmailPlus Smart CRM solution which helped her find new and sustainable, data-driven methods to market and sell new clients online.

Data 360’s EmailPlus solution for this client includes:

  • Finding contact targets
  • Enhancing the data of those targets through hundreds of APIs and data management services by (aggregation, appending and modeling with Data 360’s proprietary data modeling system):
    • Verifying location through at least 3 sources
    • Verifying full name
    • Verifying enrollment on social media and 45 portals
    • Verifying key interests and primary identities
  • Matching the contacts to the client’s desired offer for marketing or sales
  • Contacting those targets via email, text message, app or CRM solution, and
  • Delivering pre-qualified marketing and sales leads to the client via G Suite (as a low-cost alternative to using Salesforce data, marketing and CRM systems).

Sample enhanced contact target data record that was matched to a Data 360 client’s project and customer acquisition initiative:

Data 360’s Solution

Data 360’s EmailPlus solution provided the client with the following:

  • A marketing and sales position to provide value to her clients
  • A landing page template that she can use and change to market and sell her solution that is used to program a custom algorithm to match to her ideal customer targets
  • Data 360’s search system which found the perfect match of 100 contacts from a total universe of 3,000+ speakers to qualify for marketing and sales
  • 30 days of emails that engaged the contacts for the qualification process using the new marketing and sales position
  • Data 360 also provided this client with their first data governance policies for compliance with GDPR (European Union General Data Protection Regulation of 2016) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018)
  • Data integrated into G Suite (integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, Mobilize and others are coming soon)


Data 360’s system recruited, contacted, retained and engaged contacts for this client via email. The retention performance by the Data 360 system for this client was 92% or higher and the engagement 21% or higher. This is compared to the traffic from a typical email marketing campaigns has an average conversion rate of 4.29%. Gmail ads with an open rate around 2%. Source: 31 Advertising Statistics to Know in 2018 | WordStream. The average conversion for Facebook is 6.4% for organic likes and 3.91% for all content types. Source: 15 Facebook Stats Every Marketer Should Know for 2019 | Sprout Social. The average click through rate on Google ads is 2%. Source: Average Click-Through Rate | Average CTR Calculator | WordStream.

Below are samples of the pre-qualified contacts that Data 360 provided to this client:

  1. Priority = What order to make contact based on the most recent engagement
  2. Contact Score = The number of contacts we have verified for this lead
  3. Personality Information = Personality Overview, Quick Tip, Type, Likes, Avoids

Testimonials and Kudos

Smart Search Services

One SMB partner said this about our Smart Search Services and Data 360 Smart Search vs LinkedIn Demo: "Data360 smart search 42 data points Vs LinkedIn 5 data points is a big milestone. This is really AWESOME. It makes me feel like I have known Jim from way back and knowing how to structure conversations to appeal to him. " Temi A.

Entrepreneur and Investment Training and Workshops

Here are some testimonials about our training and workshops:

  • Thanks Data 360 we opened our business LinkedIn account. Yay! While you are here, check out our online ordering site for Cocktails-To-Go. J.M. and M.M. (Restaurant pivoting to selling online)
  • I attended Data 360's high-value webinar on fundraising presented by the impressive Elizabeth Yin, and included my now irl friend Maria M. And, y’all, it was the highlight of my day! Thank you. - Elissa U.
  • By far, the best discussion with an investor yet. Elizabeth was clear, concise and gave extremely valuable insight to what is needed at various stages. I agree with Elissa it was the best hour spent in a long time!! - Maria M.

Go to the Growth Lab page for Data 360 Labs to learn more. See more our current workshops page to learn more about upcoming workshops for 2020.

Software Bonus Program

  • Thank you to Data 360 and Airtable for the gift of $500 to move Restoration Law Center's mobile law office resources ONLINE using Airtable Pro!! - Leslie I.

Data 360 has awarded over $600K in software credits to those that have completed our programs so far. Are you next?

Go to the Bonus Program page for Data 360 Labs to learn more.

Workforce Development Training

Here is a testimonial about our workforce development training:

  • Thank you for your wishes and for guiding me towards this career path; I wouldn't have ended up here if it wasn't for my internship with Data 360 almost three years ago. Wow crazy how time flies. - Sharzil H.

See our Openings page and Data U Training page to learn more. More updates coming in late summer, fall and winter 2020. See the sample talks and workshops page created by our CIO and Co-Founder, Marie Smith to learn more about the history of our training work.

Our trainees have proceeded to successfully work for: