Data 360 Labs Success Stories

Data 360 Labs is an online incubator. To learn more about us, see the Data 360 Labs overview page and our history and background page.

About Our Investor and Partner Network

Data 360 Labs is part of the Faster Capital incubator funding network which provides up to $2 million in matching funds to early stage companies who are looking for a technical co-founder.

We are also connected to thousands of investors, incubators, accelerators and partners throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia which are independent, part of Microsoft and Google ecosystems and part of various funding syndicates or investment funds.

Data 360's model is to help you obtain the first early stage investor, corporate or partner funding for your company which will in turn help you become eligible for additional grants, loans, matching capital (such as the capital from FasterCapital) and many other sources of traditional and non-traditional funding.

Our Reach

Data 360's social media reaches over 1.5 million users per month on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We help our small businesses and startups create explosive footprints online. See some of our recent stats from Twitter from our big data, AI/Ml and automation system.


Entrepreneur and Investment Training and Workshops

Here are some testimonials about our training and workshops:

  • Thanks Data 360 we opened our business LinkedIn account. Yay! While you are here, check out our online ordering site for Cocktails-To-Go. J.M. and M.M. (Restaurant pivoting to selling online)
  • I attended Data 360's high-value webinar on fundraising presented by the impressive Elizabeth Yin, and included my now irl friend Maria M. And, y’all, it was the highlight of my day! Thank you. - Elissa U.
  • By far, the best discussion with an investor yet. Elizabeth was clear, concise and gave extremely valuable insight to what is needed at various stages. I agree with Elissa it was the best hour spent in a long time!! - Maria M.

Go to the Growth Lab page for Data 360 Labs to learn more. See more our current workshops page to learn more about upcoming workshops for 2020.

Software Bonus Program

  • Thank you to Data 360 and Airtable for the gift of $500 to move Restoration Law Center's mobile law office resources ONLINE using Airtable Pro!! - Leslie I.

Data 360 has awarded over $600K in software credits to those that have completed our programs so far. Are you next?

Go to the Bonus Program page for Data 360 Labs to learn more.

Workforce Development Training

Here is a testimonial about our workforce development training:

  • Thank you for your wishes and for guiding me towards this career path; I wouldn't have ended up here if it wasn't for my internship with Data 360 almost three years ago. Wow crazy how time flies. - Sharzil H.

See our Openings page and Data U Training page to learn more. More updates coming in late summer, fall and winter 2020. See the sample talks and workshops page created by our CIO and Co-Founder, Marie Smith to learn more about the history of our training work.

Our trainees have proceeded to successfully work for: