Data 360 Labs History and Background

Corporate history for Data 360

Data 360 is a Google and Microsoft partner who is expanding and scaling our big data, AI and machine learning services with. Our unique position in the Google and Microsoft ecosystem is that we focus on predictive and prescriptive big data, AI and machine learning solutions that don't require any large repository of information from your internal data sources.

Through our new partnerships with Google and Microsoft, we have expanded our computing capabilities and offerings as a deeptech company, meaning that we use our AI and machine learning platform as a service to solve complex operational problems or needs for innovation for business, nonprofits, research and governments.

In the past we've worked on and are growing custom big data, AI and machine learning integrations, pilots and innovation projects with:

  • Accenture, Autodesk, ESRI, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, H20, MacArthur Foundation, Knight Foundation, the Mozilla Foundation, the city and county of Los Angeles, LA Chamber of Commerce, O'Reilly Media, Oracle, Salesforce, Amazon, Google, IKEA, Morgan Stanley and over 10,000 SMEs and individuals.

We're able to save our clients up to 90% of their operations costs using our proprietary system to build better workflows and relationships for key operational functions, including marketing, sales, HR and many other business practice areas.

Overview of Data 360's 2020 Flagship Projects

You can see some of the work we're up to on our website and a recent article in Forbes regarding healing our oceans. Our CIO and Co-Founder, Marie, was also featured as a Rising Star in AI for the 2019 Women in AI awards by VentureBeat due the work she is leading in developing AI curriculum and moonshot projects such as the Microsoft AI Academy and developing community to save the oceans.

This years 2020 Sample Flagship Projects are even more exciting in the app we are working on to help alleviate the opioid crisis for CVS/Aetna's innovation team and a new digital procurement system for software for the city of Los Angeles in a public private partnership (and other governments in the U.S. as well). You can also see that we are also featuring the system we are building on Microsoft Azure to manage the learners that we are working with through the Microsoft AI Academy.

Data 360 Labs

Data 360's Corporate, Innovation, Workforce Training and Entrepreneur Program is called Data 360 Labs. Data 360 Labs is an online business and training incubator for startups, companies or departments in large corporations with under $10 million in revenue to help you make money creating apps, online stores, tech-enabled projects (for marketing, sales and HR) and custom tech enablement or software development using AI and machine learning. You have an idea, a new project, a new product or a digital campaign! We can help you make it for a super low cost.

We are collaborating and partnered with Microsoft, Google, FasterCapital (who provides up to $2 million in matching funds), hundreds of investors in San Francisco, New York, LA, Atlanta, London, Dubai, China, etc and hundreds of software companies providing up to $950,000 in software credits and 10,000+ marketing and sales resources to grow a business into the stratosphere.

We'd be delighted to partner with you and your organization for our next cohorts of workers seeking training, college students, entrepreneurs, small businesses or startups we have been planning for launch all over the world online and with USC, Loyola, UCLA, Berkeley, the CS5 and other universities in LA and Oakland/SF (Oakland is still being planned). Data 360 also has several special initiatives including screening applications and vetting of 500+ women entrepreneurs in our Data 360 Labs Women's Initiative, many of whom we are still mentoring and guiding via various online programs including 2 year old Growth Labs program.

In 2021 - 2022, we are opening up our college and entrepreneur programs to 100,000+ users through our partnerships with Google, Microsoft, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center and many others.

Population served

  • Served 10,000 people in-person and online

  • Have 370,000+ users in our network

  • We reach over 750,000+ women entrepreneurs online via Facebook groups

  • We reach up to 3.6 million each month on social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)

History of community services

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