Data 360 joins PledgeLA October 2019

Dear Data 360 Community,

As you know, our company holds a deep commitment to positive social impact and equity. To act on these values we’ve recently joined a coalition of like-minded LA-based tech companies and venture capital firms called PledgeLA. By joining PledgeLA, we’re publicly committing to increasing our community engagement and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as a company and to measuring our progress towards this goal over time.

Why community engagement and DEI?

We recognize that the tech and VC sectors can play a powerful role in supporting local communities. As one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the nation, our hope is that LA will become the most diverse and civically-engaged ecosystems for tech in the world. Like other companies who have taken the pledge, we envision a Los Angeles where every human has equal opportunity to succeed. Our goal is to collaborate with local communities so that our success is a net positive for all residents and ensure that our team reflects the creativity and diversity of LA.

We’re excited to make this commitment for the well-being of our company and Los Angeles more broadly. By joining the pledge, our company will have access to resources to make improvements as it relates to hiring, retention and employee engagement. We will have continued support to deepen our social impact, with connections to LA-based talent and service opportunities, access to exclusive events with other members, on-site workshops, and more.

What does this mean for Data 360 and its team?

We firmly believe that we cannot manage what we don’t measure. That’s why through PledgeLA, our company will complete an annual survey to measure our diversity, our team's sense of inclusion, and how we all impact our local community. This survey is optional, but we highly encourage our team members to participate so we can learn how to continue to improve our company for everyone.

To learn more about PledgeLA, sign up to receive monthly updates around community service opportunities and diversity, equity and inclusion events through the PledgeLA newsletter.

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