Market Intelligence - Sample Report (B2B)

Your sample search for the following terms is completed for your demo market intelligence report:

Crypto, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ethereum, ICO, UTO, STO, Initial Coin Offering, Utility Token Offering, Security Token Offering, Blockchain

The following number of 81,000+ contacts were found:

We are now reviewing and cleaning these 81,000 raw results to find your targets of the following types of contacts:

  • investor
  • institutional investor
  • hedge fund

Please note that most search results will not show results of contacts by role. We will find the contacts that meet these descriptions which are considered a "complex query". As we clean records, please note that we may need you to more specifically define the target types as the current descriptions are very general and may not yield optimal results.

Detailed Analysis

We have completed a demonstration and sample data for your request for investor contacts within the ICO, blockchain, crypto market.

For this demonstration and to yield the data sample, we searched the term with the largest results, ICO (36926 results).

Analysis Results

The first step is that we verified the contacts by Geography. Due to the nature of investments, it is important that the source of the contacts can be known for tracking and auditing purposes. Over 60% of the contacts could be geographically be verified.

For the second step, we focused on the largest geographic market which is the United States (13,026).

The final step is that we focused within the ICO search with Geographically Verified contacts within the United States by platform. The number of records by platform within the United States:

To locate the investors, we looked at a small sample of contacts for this sample. For demo accounts, we only analyze 200 records to find the sample contacts.

In the analysis, we found that the video sources were not able to be verified. As a result, we did not source any investors from the search results found on video.

The next platform which featured contacts within the limits of your demo account were the web sources for contacts. We found that 84.82% of the contacts from web sources could be geographically verified.

Sample Investors Found

We found the following investors as a sample for you to view. Please note that you cannot contact these sample investors until you setup a campaign with Data 360 on our platform. Any use of this contact information is strictly against federal regulations as governed by the Federal Trade Commission.

You can download the sample report and the charts above:


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