Case Study 2 FBPlus Stage 1 of 3

With a FBPlus account, there are 3 stages that we take each account through. This case study shows results in the first stage which is called the foundation stage. This is where our system teaches the Facebook algorithm to recognize what you page is about and recruits your most profitable customers to your Facebook account and page. The foundation stage takes place over the first few days of starting your FBPlus campaign.

This particular customer had enough fans and the right types, but they needed to turn their social media fans into active customers. This means increasing their views, reach and post engagements as a first step. The charts below show a few days progress with their campaign.

There are many different ways that we help your Facebook page reach customers. We help you obtain:

  1. Page views
  2. Reach
  3. Post engagements

Each of these "touches" means that Facebook gets to know the types of users that match your page and will automatically recruit more of them enabling your account to grow without buying ads!

This is one of many parts of the FBPlus program that we automate for your Facebook account to soar!

See some of the increases we got in page views, reach, and post engagements below.

Get your questions answered with data from Data 360! Build a mini automated sales model on Facebook and get it working with FBPlus. Why keep guessing?


We use our marketing automation and chatbot tools to optimize the Facebook algorithm to find your top customers, get your campaign into the hands of key influencers, build important and reliable customer relationships and PROVIDE UNIQUE ACCESS TO CUSTOMER AND MARKET DATA without you having to chat with each prospect manually or ask the above questions of each customer one by one.

The data from Data 360 saves you time and marketing and sales expenses!

As a FBPlus customer, you can use Facebook to develop new partners and customers and get a clear and direct relationship to develop your sales model and make money.

With the FBPlus service (mostly bots and not humans) we automate your marketing and sales by:

  1. Locating the right content
  2. Using that content to recruit new customers
  3. Messaging those customers on how to preview the product

All without you lifting a finger until it is time to chat with your partners and customers. We bring your partners and customers right to your Facebook page... your virtual doorstep!

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What do you get with a FBPlus account?

  1. A well-designed and accurate Facebook page
  2. Having a Facebook business page is obviously a main player in achieving Facebook fame, but what’s on the page plays a big role as well. We ensure that your Facebook profile includes vital information about your business including location, hours and a brief description of what your business offers. Keeping the information up-to-date, and making improvements and changes to the profile as necessary keeps your customers happy and informed!
  3. Relevant, timely and engaging social posting
  4. We follow social posting best practices to ensure that your social media posts are helpful and fun as well as promotional. While the frequency and topics of posts will vary depending on your specific business, we know that posting too frequently may make you appear spammy and encourages people to unfollow your page or hide your business from their Facebook feed.Generally, we follow this rule of thumb when we craft your social posts, the 30/30/30 breakdown:30% promotional / 30% industry relevant / 30% engaging. What’s best for your business varies depending on who your audience is, and we go through creating the best tactics for your social media channels during the onboarding process. No matter what kind of material you’re wanting to keep clients informed about, we’re here to help. Overall, the secret is to provide your customers with value. That’s what we do to make your customers want to stick around!
  5. Highly targeted Facebook recruiting
  6. The recipe for success on Facebook is to recruit prospects the optimal number of times within a certain period from a highly targeted audience. By supplementing organic Facebook posts with the right campaign, we use our proprietary recipe for recruiting traffic, optimizing promotions, and ultimately generate calls, in-store visits and sales for your business. Minus the marketing jargon, the bottom line is that our hyper-targeted recruiting campaigns get your business tangible results. We focus on optimizing the campaigns to get your business direct phone calls and in-store visits, and that’s value!

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