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What is Data U?

Data U is a online and live learning program provided by Data 360 to teach basic computer skills, applied digital skills, and gap/continuing education for K-12, 2-year community college, young professionals and working adults. We started in 2016 in partnership with Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti's office as Freshstart Bootcamp and continued in 2017 with the LA TechTalent Pipeline initiative.

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You have three options to participate in DataU:

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Freshstart Bootcamp was a creation of the Mayor's Office of Economic Opportunity and with key feedback from Ms. Jan Perry.

Freshstart Bootcamp helps candidates from non-traditional backgrounds learn computer science fundamentals and develop careers in the technology industry with major corporations. Trainees – ages 16 to 60 – learn about computational thinking, algorithms, functions, conditionals, abstraction, relay programming and the internet.

Nonprofit partners ensure that candidates are job ready for internships in companies. We are passionate and committed to providing sustainable and long-term economic opportunities for those in Los Angeles in technology using the best of technology.

Freshstart Bootcamp is one of the many Fair Chance Hiring initiatives sponsored by the Mayor’s Office of Economic Opportunity that create employment opportunities for historically disadvantaged communities in Los Angeles.

Here are some past events with Freshstart Bootcamp:


Hosted by LinkedIn and Data 360, June 2017


FRESHSTART GRADUATIONWith Celebrity @ Siedah Garrett, April 2017


FRESHSTART COMPUTER LITERACY PROGRAMHighlights of activities from January 2017 to April 2017


This was our initial computer literacy program produced with Code.org. Our websites are currently undergoing maintenance and a change with our hosting provider. They should be up around the holiday or after.


We created a career track training curriculum to rapid prototype working professionals changing careers by offering specialized training for product management, data analysis, big data and other important skills for entry level jobs in tech. See our past events here.

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