Data 360 Labs - Growth Labs

Data 360 Growth Labs is a 3 to 12 month program where you can prepare for funding or revenue without the pressure of having to meet the deadlines for specific corporate or investor programs.

The focus for this program is to graduate within a 3 to 6 month period, but we are happy to support clients who utilize the entire 12 month period. After graduating from Growth Labs, you can apply for funding or to partner with Data 360 or any of our software or corporate partners to grow revenue for your business.

For example, if you start your Growth Labs program in November and complete by the beginning of February, you can apply or start your first application for partnering with various companies or to obtain $25,000 to $20 million in funding.

How to sign up

Email us at to get more info if you have questions about registering.

Focus of the Growth Labs program

Growth Labs evolved out of Data 360 and Data 360 Labs to provide one comprehensive place to focus on key concepts of big data, AI and machine learning to put into practice for your career and/or business.

We're excited to get started with you and usher you into the new era of tech!

There are three key concepts that you must keep in mind for your time in this group that we'll reinforce with different learnings:

7Rs of Logistics

Data, including big data, helps you put together:

1. Right product (or service)

2. Right customer

3. Right time

4. Right place

5. Right condition (or situation)

6. Right quantity

7. Right cost

3 Megatrends leading to the rise of AI

1. Big Data (including IOT or Internet of Things)

2. Cloud Supercomputing

3. Machine Learning (including Deep Learning)

Intelligent Automation Services

'How to improve customer-centric experiences by connecting:

1. Big Data to AI with

2. Customer-Centric Marketing

3. Customer-Centric Merchandising (including websites)

4. Customer-Facing Bots and Virtual Assistants


Our focus in this group is to be able to help you understand how to gain the knowledge for how to implement big data, AI and machine learning for your business and career to remain competitive and profitable.

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