Data 360 is now a Shopify partner!

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Shopify is the ecommerce platform made for you. Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered.

Data 360 offers e-commerce store setup services with Shopify to our FBPlus program in a new PRO package for $2599 for 3 months which includes the creation and maintenance of your Shopify site, a Facebook business page, chatbot services and AI-based Facebook messenger integration with your Shopify site!

Don't have an e-commerce store? No problem! We can integrate with your website! Prices are valid until 06/30/2020.

Please contact for a demo or to purchase.

Here are our new packages with Shopify or your website:

Standard Bot with FBPlus

  • 30 day campaign on Facebook
  • 3 posts per day
  • Recruiting 100 contacts
  • 3 promotional chatbot messages (carousel)

Price: $2599 for 90 day campaign (not renewable)

Samples by Data 360 development team:

Marketing and Sales Bot with FBPlus

  • 90 day campaign on Facebook
  • 5 posts per day
  • Recruiting 200 contacts
  • 3 promotional chatbot messages (script sequence)
  • Full Social Media Management Posting
  • Social Media Posting Description
  • Relevant, timely and engaging social posting
  • We follow social posting best practices to ensure that your social media posts are helpful and fun as well as promotional. While the frequency and topics of posts will vary depending on your specific business, we know that posting too frequently may make you appear spammy and encourages people to unfollow your page or hide your business from their Facebook feed.
  • Generally, we follow this rule of thumb when we craft your social posts, the 30/30/30 breakdown:30% promotional / 30% industry relevant / 30% engaging. What’s best for your business varies depending on who your audience is, and we go through creating the best tactics for your social media channels during the onboarding process. No matter what kind of material you’re wanting to keep clients informed about, we’re here to help. Overall, the secret is to provide your customers with value. That’s what we do to make your customers want to stick around!

Price: $5499 for 90 day campaign (not renewable)

Samples by Data 360 development team: (closest to how much you can show off photographer's work and link to an appointment scheduler) (direct lead gen)

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