Customer Intelligence Reports

Overview Customer Intelligence

Data 360 Data Alerts allow you to receive customer intelligence data and insights from customized search queries that you send to us. Based on the results you receive, you can order reports for a minimum of $1,999 per report.

See a Sample Enterprise Smart Search Customer Intelligence Report.

See Sample SMB/Startup Smart Search Results for Customer Intelligence.

Market Opportunity Report with Data Validation

The first type of report that we provide is the Market Opportunity Report. Once we have provided the Market Opportunity Report and conducted our first round of Data Validation for you and your team, you may order additional reports and make custom big data queries so that we may send you ongoing search results.

The Market Opportunity Report shows how the Data 360 team can provide you with an industry standard analysis of at least 10 key segments of income from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email accounts based on the data we find about each user after deduplication, verification and validation. All data provided by Data 360 goes through a strict data hygiene analysis to ensure that you have the most recent and valid data possible to implement your new multi-channel or ominchannel digital marketing and sales platform.

What are the benefits of validating your database?

Data validation ensures you are capturing and or sending messages to email and social media contacts that are valid and will not result in a bounce or error. There are many applications for data validation, ranging from verifying emails and social media addresses at the point of entry via API, to cleaning and maintaining database health over time. Some of the most common benefits of data validation are as follows:

  • Increase inbox and message box delivery and stay out of spam boxes or from being blocked

  • Adhere to bounce rate policies set forth by all major Email Service Providers and Social Media Platforms (keep from getting banned)

  • Maintain/achieve a higher sender and profile reputation

  • Maintain IP address health for continued messaging and campaign distribution and success

  • Regulatory cleaning of company data

  • Reach your customers on all possible systems through all possible protocols

We use a proprietary 12 step data validation process that checks each email up to 75 times from different locations around the globe and social media on up to 10 different data validation systems. We utilize, MX, DNS, SMTP, SOCIAL, and additional private technologies in determining validity of addresses and websites.

Costs start at $1,999 per report depending on account type. Questions or want to sign up? Email