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Marketing and Sales Targeting

Once the Data 360 system has surfaced all of the various buying patterns for our clients using search data, our team has the ability to drill down to the exact customers that fit the buying patterns that are recommended by our system to maximize profitability in marketing and sales campaigns. See the presentation below to learn how very specific target profiles are generated to create 3 distinct targeting profiles for this women's intimates company.

View the presentation below to learn more

This presentation illustrates how our system can go from many different buying patterns provided by API data from major search engines to identify the target customers that this online women's intimate apparel company should pursue. In this case, the women's intimate apparel market has many different aspects that need to be examined. For this client, we picked three specific segments to examine via competitors Lane Bryant, Torrid and ThirdLove.

General Demo Online Women's Intimate Apparel

Here's what we learned:

There are a ton of search criteria that our client can use to finalize her marketing and sales campaigns with Data 360. See this example of criteria from the demo presentation above.

We also learned the following:

  1. Lane Bryant: Targets that have an interest in Lane Bryant tend to be in a moderate income bracket, but show that they are up and coming professionals. More expensive apparel like this online women's intimate apparel client are likely to be seen as an investment. Any offer provided to this group should be during special occasions where more expensive clothing is likely to be purchased.
  2. Torrid: Targets that have an interest in Torrid tend to be in a lower income bracket. More expensive apparel like this online women's intimate apparel client would be seen as a gift given by others. As a result, any offer to this group should be ways for their significant others or family members can help make this more expensive purchase on their behalf.
  3. ThirdLove: Targets that have an interest in online retailer ThirdLove tend to be higher income bracket purchasers who are looking for customized women's intimate apparel. This online women's intimate apparel could solicit these targets directly for regular purchases on a monthly or quarterly basis regardless of the season.

Purchase a Competitive Analysis

You can get a full competitive analysis for your business including big data search for $1,299 flat rate with the answers on what you should do thanks to our artificial intelligence and machine learning system. Data 360's sources include searches on over 25 sources (search, news, blogs, social media, videos, pictures, etc) and 100+ countries.

All Packages Include:

  • A 10 day review period where you can change any details in your campaign and order. After the review period for setting up your first campaign with us, then the order is final.
  • A welcome message within 24 hours of when we receive your payment. This message will contain all of the information and requirements to successfully receive the benefits of the account.
  • 3 Big Data search terms with 3 analyses and reports that tell you what avenue is the most profitable avenue to take to meet your goals.
  • Up to 3 revisions for your search to achieve the insights you need for your business.
  • A recommendations report (3 pages only) on how to use big data on your websites, seo, social media and email marketing.
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