Data 360 and Freshbooks

Accounting for Non-Accountants

Data 360 is proud to partner with Freshbooks for Data 360 Labs clients

We're proud to recommend Freshbooks because we started Data 360 on Freshbooks and we know the power of the platform to grow your business. Freshbooks also connects to all of the platforms that the Data 360 team recommends and you already use and love when working with Data 360:

  • G Suite

  • Shopify

  • Stripe

  • Gusto

  • Fundbox

FreshBooks makes accounting easy, fast and secure. Start sending invoices, tracking time and capturing expenses in minutes from anywhere.

FreshBooks is used by millions of service-based small business owners all over the world. Web designers, lawyers, plumbers and even dog walkers use FreshBooks to:

  • Save Time Billing: FreshBooks customers spend less time on paperwork, freeing up two days per month to focus on the work they love

  • Get Paid Faster: Easily invoice clients from your desk or on the go. FreshBooks customers are paid an average of 5 days faster

  • Grow their business: FreshBooks is built to support the needs of growing businesses. On average, FreshBooks customers double their revenue in the first 24 months.

Learn more about Freshbooks

Click on the links below to learn more about Freshbooks and how it can help grow your business.

More video about Freshbooks

Freshbooks Customer Testimonials

How to Use Freshbooks

Mastering finance is key to growing your business

The Data 360 Labs team helps you learn more about growing your business with the Freshbooks team in 4 key modules:

  • Starting Business - Launch an idea and acquire clients. These are the starter tools you need to thrive as entrepreneurs.

  • Project Management - With an understanding of project management processes and tools, you will have the skills to see a project through from start to success.

  • Cash Flow and Expenses - Knowing basic accounting is the cornerstone of a strong small business. Learn about cash flow management, so your business can ebb and flow without going bust!

  • Invoicing and Getting Paid - There’s no better feeling than getting paid for your passion. Share best practices on how to calculate your rate, invoice, track payment and get paid faster.

Join the Freshbooks #imakealiving Community in LA and beyond!

#imakealiving is a travelling event series powered by FreshBooks. Launched in 2017, #imakealiving aims to spark a conversation about how other freelancers navigate the changing marketplace.

We’ve travelled to major hubs, including: Los Angeles, Austin, Portland, Chicago, Boston and right here in FreshBooks’ home city of Toronto. So stay tuned to find out when we touch down in your city—we’d love to meet you!

Check out the last #imakealiving Freshbooks event from

July 2019 in Hollywood