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What is a big data search?

Big Data is a way of harvesting raw data from multiple, disparate data sources, storing the data for use by analytics programs, and using the raw data to derive value (meaning) from the data in a whole new ways. We’re talking data from traditional business applications like CRM and web applications, combined with data from a growing number of sensors (IoT), and social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This means that no single technology can be called Big Data, which requires a tightly coordinated ecosystem of data acquisition, storage, and application technologies to make it work.

Big Data is the natural evolution of the way to cope with the vast quantities, types, and volume of data from today’s applications. The volume, velocity and variety of data coming into today’s enterprise means that these problems can only be solved by a solution that is equally organic, and capable of continued evolution.

In other words, it’s the ways we are using software and creating the data that are driving Big Data.

Unless we change the ways we use software (like apps), platforms (like social media), and core infrastructure technologies (like the internet), Big Data is here to stay. Case in point: Give up Snapchat? LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter?

Demo - Selling a yoga mat

Here are a bunch of yoga mat companies that you can find when searching in Google. There are many brands, designs and price points. So if you work for or run one of these yoga companies. How would you differentiate yourself? How do you stay competitive?

Competitive Intelligence Service from Data 360

With big data competitive intelligence means so much more than the other companies who sell what you sell. Competitive intelligence means harnessing all of the data that allows you to be in a fruitful position in the market with the large enough audience that meets your goals. What do we mean?

Let's take a look at a big data search. This is the behind the scenes of Google and Bing when you do a big data search of your own.

Big Data

This is big data. A lot of data. And its one of three configurations of how to view about what people are looking for about yoga mats.

Zoom In

If you look at this particular view on what people are searching for with yoga mats, you'll see people think A LOT OF THINGS about yoga mats. Many more than most yoga companies know or can take advantage of.

Drill In

If we focus on one of the 25 plus views on the search for "yoga mats", then we can narrow our search to see how many different items we want to explore.

This is a big data search. With a big data search, you can see that there is more to data than just "finding a yoga mat" which is what the standard Google and Bing search engines will yield. People have questions. They have lots of questions.

As a business owner, Google and Bing search are not made for you. They are made for you to buy advertisements and then they will harness their algorithms for your best interests.

You can take back control and build a more cost effective marketing and sales plan if you learn about big data.

So check it out!

Here are some files:

You can see that there is so much more information!!

Try your own big data search

Do you want to try your own big data search?

Check it out through the freemium service: Answer the Public.

Answer the Public costs $99 per month ($1188 per year) for searching only Google and Bing in one country (2 sources, 1 country)

Cost with Data 360

Or, you can get a full competitive analysis for your business including big data search for $1,299 flat rate with the answers on what you should do thanks to our artificial intelligence and machine learning system. Data 360's sources include searches on over 25 sources (search, news, blogs, social media, videos, pictures, etc) and 100+ countries.

All Packages Include:

  • A 10 day review period where you can change any details in your campaign and order. After the review period for setting up your first campaign with us, then the order is final.
  • A welcome message within 24 hours of when we receive your payment. This message will contain all of the information and requirements to successfully receive the benefits of the account.
  • 3 Big Data search terms with 3 analyses and reports that tell you what avenue is the most profitable avenue to take to meet your goals.
  • Up to 3 revisions for your search to achieve the insights you need for your business.
  • A recommendations report (3 pages only) on how to use big data on your websites, seo, social media and email marketing.

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