Smart Search

Data 360 has two search services that provide complex search services (questions that cannot be answered Google Search or sites like Quora), Customer Intelligence and Market Intelligence search. We call our complex search services "smart search" because these services provide comprehensive answers that cannot be conventionally found by traditional search about customers and markets for our clients in order to grow revenue and profitability.

In order to send in a search request, you must place an order with our team by emailing Our customer support team will send you instructions on how to place your order and all related service level agreements, delivery times for your reports and any add-ons or additional services that can be provided with your search request and reports.

What's Next?

Data 360 is also releasing a next generation search engine for people to do something simple. Find other people. Stay tuned for our new release of apps and products for Facebook, Facebook messenger, LinkedIn, messaging apps and text message.

More information coming soon!

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