EmailPlus - Sample Report (B2C)

Here is your performance report for your most recent EmailPlus Campaign:

Course Popularity

Because the Thinkific launch plan was very general, enrollees were left to discover the classes on their own. As expected, the course titled "Preparing for the Tech Fair LA" was the most popular course because the title inferred that it was the most comprehensive course for TechFair LA and not just about resumes.

When some of the users discovered that the first course was about resumes, you can see that they went to other courses searching for additional information with the last course being the least explored.

Enrollment Data

The number of enrollments can from Annenberg's website which was the focus of all recruitment efforts including those of Data 360. It is difficult to tell which organizations drove the most traffic to Annenberg's site without the analytics for the site which Data 360 does not have access to.

Though Annenberg has the most enrollments, the ratio of signups for Data 360 was higher. There were 1.29 signups per enrollment from Annenberg recruits and 1.71 signups per enrollment from Data 360's efforts.

You can see that other referral sources of enrollments has minimal impact.

Course Signups

In terms of effectiveness, you can see that the recruits by Data 360, labeled "Direct", were more effective in getting people to sign up for all 4 courses.

With the Annenberg partner referrals, most users did a "peekaboo" signup in exploring the only one course and then not engaging further in the site.

There were only 32 more serious enrollees (3 or more courses) from the Annenberg referrals. Data 360's recruits had 64 more serious enrollees (3 or more courses).

Engagement

You can see that most users through the Annenberg referrals channels did only 1 sign-in to the site. Again, these are not effective users and are called "peekaboo" users, meaning that they were just checking it out but not serious about enrollment. You can see that the Data 360 Direct recruits were almost 50% users who came back to the site for guidance.

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