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About Data 360

Updated 01/20/2019

With our messaging and data aggregation platform, Data 360 is reinventing CRM software and the search engine by adding a proprietary use of big data and AI to help businesses find the perfect customers and employees. We reduce costs of customer and employee acquisition by up to 90% due to the power of big data and AI. Data 360 builds vibrant and engaged communities for its clients.

We are helping businesses save time and money and grow faster by using Data 360's services to find the perfect customers and employees. Businesses can now spend most of their time in growing their products and services. Customers and employees can get the products, services and jobs that they actually are interested in and want instead of those who pay the most money to target them.

The problem we solve

Data 360's messaging platform and data services solve the pains of inaccurate targeting and lack of security inherent in the "freemium" search and social media services for customer and employee acquisition provided by GoDaddy, Wix, Squarespace, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other similar platforms. We provide clear key performance indicators and comprehensive profiles for operational efficiency, revenue and profitability that provide clients with the right customers or employees for their companies.

Our insights are based on a proprietary analysis of predictive indicators of human motivation and transactional behaviors based on key interests, personality insights and timely transaction-related data making targets of campaigns more likely to participate in our clients' marketing, sales or HR campaigns. We have a 70% to 80% retention rate from initial contact to qualifying said contact as a perfect match which can then be verified as a lead for a sales or employment.

About our business network

Our business community consists of 50,000+ users on a closed, invite-only web-based messaging network as of July 2018 (starting from 55 in August 2016 and 5,000 in January 2018) growing to nearly 3 million by 2019 due to 5 new major corporate partnerships which launched in March 2018. If you'd like to request an invite to the Data 360 network, then email support@data360.solutions.

Our competitors and your choices

You can get data about your markets and customers from a lot of companies. But how do you know its the right data? How do you stop the pain of experimentation? How do you not waste time? You can have your company soar in its marketing, sales and HR without waste or guessing with services provided by Data 360.

Not only can you save nearly $20,000 to $250,000 over our nearest competitors, you get a time and money savings value that you cannot get FROM ANY OTHER marketing, sales or recruiting company.

Benefits of Working with Data 360

Data 360 can find everything publicly available on anyone or anything you want to know about that is listed online. We offer search services for customer and market intelligence and smart CRM services for Facebook, Email and Shopify via our invite-only platform.

We give you digital superpowers

We give you the power to build your website and social media to target exactly who you need to meet revenue goals. Then, we give you your first contacts for your goals and help you convert them to sales, leads, transactions, contracts, or any other goals that your company has.

We are better than the other guys....you know Google and Microsoft (yes, we said it)

You're going to search engines and social media trying to find customers and employees and you are wasting your time. While Google and Bing can provide you with 10 to 100 links or answers per query that might lead you to a customer, we can provide you with 10,000 or more links to ACTUAL customers or employees with more accuracy. And, you don't have to read or interpret results on your own. Our bots do all of the interpreting and thinking for you.

Clearly you can get customers and employees (and thus, money) from search engines and social media, but the question is SHOULD YOU? Is there SOMETHING ELSE to add to your strategy and use of your time. That something else is BIG DATA WITH AUTOMATION.

Our results

The results? You can find the perfect partners, customers, investors, corporate collaborators, employees or anyone else you need to grow the marketing, sales or HR of your business in the exact quantity that you need.

Two weeks of setup and then the world!

It only takes about two weeks of your time to set you up and our bots and tools take over from there! You just tell us your goals and we get you to the exact customers, partners and employees that you need.

Our setup only takes a week or so and you will start to see results from our work within 2 to 3 days of starting!

Community Endeavors

Data 360 supports expanding possibilities for entrepreneurs, young professionals and college students through our online incubator and funding projects with Data 360 Labs and online learning with Data U.

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