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Raising a seed round in the Silicon Valley and beyond featuring Elizabeth Yin of the Hustle Fund (formerly with 500 Startups)This talk covers what investors are looking for, how to set up investor meetings, and how to close them.
Learn more about funders, key resources and how to grow you new project, product, service, department or business with Data 360 Labs.

Testimonials for this online workshop

I attended Data 360's high-value webinar on fundraising presented by the impressive Elizabeth Yin, and included my now irl friend Maria M. And, y’all, it was the highlight of my day! Thank you.

Elissa U

By far, the best discussion with an investor yet. Elizabeth was clear, concise and gave extremely valuable insight to what is needed at various stages. I agree with Elissa it was the best hour spent in a long time!!

Maria M

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