Brand Awareness - Sample Report

You can use this auto-generated brand awareness information in the future in your fundraising pitches, SEO, social media, listings, reviews and anywhere you are marketing online.

This cheatsheet also shows you where you have been effective online because it shows the raw data of how you appear on search engines and with other data services.

This is not just about Google. It's about being seen by over 40 websites that capture information for directories, social media and many other types of sites which can help you sell your products and services more effectively if you take advantage of how they work.

It is important that you fix any issues listed below before you launch any new campaigns.

You will typically need up to 90 days to register any new information in search engines, directory listings and other key data services which will make sure that you spend only what is necessary on your marketing and sales rather than spending a lot of unnecessary money on Facebook or Google ads to compensate for problems in your online infrastructure.

Let us know if you have any questions about how to implement this key information for you to be successful online!

Branding Cheatsheet - Key Messaging


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You currently do not have enough content for our computer system to detect a sufficient number of appropriate keywords to be successful in marketing and selling online without over-spending on Facebook and Google ads or relying on costly manual meetings or personal networking.

Please see the new Data 360 Service page to learn about our blog writing and posting services which can help you fix this problem. Our blog team does not just work on blogs, they also provide copywriting for landing pages and websites.

Here are the keywords that our system found so far:

  • 22hello com
  • hello leslie
  • homemade leslie speaker
  • mandela schumacher hodge
  • scratch online course
  • tedx online courses
  • udemy guy kawasaki

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