Data 360 Marketplace

Join the Data 360 Marketplace for selling your marketing, sales and HR products, services or software to the 50,000+ users on the Data 360 messaging platform. If you have any questions, please email Low setup and charge of $599 per month .

About the Data 360 Marketplace

Do you have a data, marketing, sales product, or HR service or software system that you are selling and you want to generate more sales?

If you a big company or a one-woman or one-man pro, then we have a great opportunity for you to reach Data 360's community of 50,000 users.

Our business community consists of 50,000+ users on a closed, invite-only web-based messaging network as of July 2018 (starting from 55 in August 2016 and 5,000 in January 2018) growing to nearly 3 million by 2019 due to 5 new major corporate partnerships which launched in March 2018.

About the Data 360 Marketplace Opportunity

We are excited to introduce and preview the Data 360 Partner Marketplace powered by Google. This is the e-commerce site where Data 360 will direct our business users to buy your products, services and/or software.

You can think of this as the eBay or Amazon for marketing, sales and HR software, products and services.

Joining the Data 360 Marketplace powered by Google

We will be previewing our marketplace to the 50,000+ users on our platform within the next 30 to 60 days. And, if you join our marketplace program, you can benefit too!

As we get busier over this next 90 days, we will be charging more to join the marketplace due to the increased administrative costs as we get closer to launch.

Check it out and let us know if you or someone you know is interested in joining us by emailing

Watch and listen to Data 360 and Google discuss the Data 360 Marketplace with partners

Here is a quick preview of the three key features:

Overview of the Data 360 Marketplace

This is an overview of how the marketplace works:

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Through this new system, we are able to create multiple types of pricing and add as many SKUs (product and service listing in their variations) as you'd like and initiate business with you via email. The customers get various self service features including our automated customer service system.

Administration of the Marketplace

This screen shows how we will co-administrate the marketplace with you.

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A Example of the Data 360 Marketplace Storefront

This is where we will list your products and services in a series of profiles. The customers will pay us via this portal and we will pay you your fee through our relationships with Tipalti the next day via debit card issued to your or ACH (electronic direct deposit).

You will be sold in the marketplace with G Suite, Google Cloud Platform Services, Shopify, Kickstarter agencies and partners*, all Data 360 services (FBPlus, EmailPlus, ShopPlus, Customer Intelligence Reports, Market Intelligence Reports), and many other providers in marketing, sales and HR products, services and software. We will also be featuring our kits and other reading materials and e-courses.

*These contracts are pending.

Deals Only Section of the Data 360 Marketplace

Data 360 is pleased to announce the "Deals" section of the Data 360 Marketplace powered by Google Commerce.

As a part of the deals section of the marketplace, we would not automatically sell your products, services, software or educational items. Data 360's team would provide you with a lead generation system through the marketplace (with the marketplace listing serving as a landing page). The cost for this program is a recurring monthly charge of $299 until the initial 10 slots for the deal section are booked/reserved.

In the deals section, you get a deal specific promo with up to 10 messages and a virtual rolodex with 20 contacts per month that can be nurtured into leads using the customer intelligence data that Data 360 provides.

If you are interested in signing up for the deals section of the Data 360 Marketplace powered by Google Commerece, then please sign up here. If you have any specific questions after reviewing the information above, please contact

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