What is Cyber Resilience?

Google Cloud and Data 360 can help you get up to speed!

Have you ever heard of Cyber Resilience? Data 360 is pleased to introduce community management and cybersecurity packages with G Suite that can help you build a rock solid community that has Cyber Resilience.

We provide solutions that you can trust and are more secure than you would ever find on Facebook or LinkedIn. Are you still just trusting your data to anyone and everyone? You need Cyber Resilience. Google and Data 360 can provide it to you for $200 per month.

What is Cyber Resilience you may ask? Check out these 7 steps.

Cyber Resilience is a relatively new term that accurately and simply describes the notion that your business needs to be flexible and responsive to cyber attack.

Cyber Resilience also refers to an entity's ability to continuously deliver the intended outcome despite adverse cyber events. Cyber resilience is an evolving perspective that is rapidly gaining recognition. For more information, contact support@data360.solutions.

Artificial intelligence comes to G Suite

Artificial intelligence and machine learning come to G Suite. See the video below titled "Transform Work: Driving Culture Change, Productivity, and Efficiency (Cloud Next '18)" to see the amazing features of the next version of G Suite powered artificial intelligence and machine learning in the Google Cloud!

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