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Let us help you build and grow a vibrant community for your business!

Data 360 is a deep tech company that uses a proprietary combination of big data, AI and machine learning to save organizations up to 90% of their operational costs.

We save up to 90% of operational costs by fixing key problems with customer and employee acquisition, experience and management with non-profits, government agencies, startups and SMBs. Our enterprise services also work with organizations in education, healthcare, retail and restaurant industries.

Big data, machine learning and AI provide great competitive advantages for organizations to build strong communities.

Learn more about our company by viewing our about us page.

To see our work, check out our demos page and sample reports page.

What does building community with Data 360 mean?

Data 360 clients build community using our platform as a service powered by big data, AI and machine learning to:

  • Create a more private, safe and secure community management tools outside of traditional CRM systems like Salesforce, email lists on Mailchimp or Campaigner, Facebook and other social media platforms
  • Establish a deeper connections to community on multiple platforms instead of having to waste time posting on so many with slow and low conversion rates
  • Personalize community connections that are specific to the products, services or opportunities that your organization offers

What types of services does Data 360 offer?

Our customers, clients, partners and collaborators utilize Data 360 services for:

  • Growing email and social media traffic, fans/followers and content posting using precise targeting systems (AI/ML) and automation
  • Eliminating the time and money waste of inaccurate targeting for managing customers, users and / or employees for any type of digital communication on any digital medium (website, web platform, platform app, texting, mobile, chat app)
  • Using AI and machine learning to move faster at a lower price for achieving your goals or completing a new project (accelerating from months to weeks, from a year to months)
  • Finding a replacement for search engines and social media which are too costly to grow business or initiatives cost effectively
  • Helping fix no / low traffic or customer / employee acquisition
  • Fixing problems in traffic or customer / employee acquisition from building website on Godaddy, Square, Wix
  • Eliminating or reducing the need for costly Google or Facebook Ads and/or traditional advertising
  • Replacing the need for staffing or costly freelancers / consultants with automation
  • Finding sorely needed tech talent, a technical partner, CTO or technical co-founder for helping with cloud-based builds, big data, AI or machine learning projects or systems

Take your operations to the next level

Start the digital transformation for your operations with some of our basic services:

Enterprise Customized Builds and Software Integration Services

See our Enterprise Services page about our customized builds and software integration services to learn more about areas of your business that Data 360 system can optimize and manage to save costs and maximize profits. Our systems natively integrate with G Suite, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365*, Microsoft Sharepoint* and Microsoft Teams* (*coming soon).

Want to upgrade your website, email systems or social media with automation powered by big data, AI and machine learning? Then, check out our Integration Services.

If you're looking for the Data 360 AI/ML system to help with piloting a new project for your company, funding your small business/startup or finding product market fit with Data 360 Labs, please contact for more information.